How to download and play free fire max on pc without lag

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One of the most expanded games – Free Fire & Free Fire Max had won millions of hearts. One can experience the best combo of visuals and algorithms playing free fire. From a kid of 4 years to an old of 40 years, everybody keeps enjoying the game that is diversely unique. It is expanded at such a scale that is unimaginable. Many people play the game over several platforms like smartphones, tablets and PCs.

How to download and play Free Fire Max on pc without lag

Are you among those who are suffering awkward situations when playing free fire on PC? Or the one who wants to experience the game on PC but you don’t have a hard-core performance while playing the game? Currently, you are reading the most fabulous and accurate post if you are having the same issues. In this article, we will elaborate on How to download and play free fire max on pc without lag.

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How to download and play Free Fire Max on pc without lag

Playing free fire on PC needs multiple factors. Some of the elements are basic requirements and can’t be changed. Hence, you would have to go ahead with the exact requirements but today we will share some of the best effective tips that will surely work on your PC. Just carry on our article till last and follow our instructions as mentioned.

The below-mentioned steps are our most effective composition of trial and what we have obtained as output. Must follow the exact process here’s  How to download and play free fire max on pc without lag.

  1. First of all, go to settings and check your device information.
  2. The PC could be capable of running the game until it has at least 2 GB ram, if so, fine else try to Extend it.
  3. After getting the information, just first restart or reboot your PC.
  4. After you have done so, just make sure no application or program would be running in the background.
  5. For smooth gameplay, you need to always do the same, just before launching the game
  6. Now you need to download any Android emulator on your PC.
  7. An emulator is a software that has the ability to run third-party programs that are not even recognizable by your PC and using this, you can download free fire easily.
  8. Below are 5 different platforms that may be useful as they provide the best emulator as compared to others, download any one of them.
  1. Download the emulator from any one of the above links and install the .exe file on your PC.
  2. From the program, go to the play store or any other app store and proceed to download the game – free fire max.
  3. After you would install the game, a one-time setting will be required, and proceed to do so.
  4. Start playing via the same application using an emulator, and if you are facing lag again, just proceed to copy a similar setting, mentioned below.
  1. Auto Scale– off
  2. Graphics – smooth
  3. Shadows – Off
  4. High resolution – Off

These settings will definitely make your game smooth and you could play a game that will run smoothly and anti – lag.

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So friends, here is a post all about How to download and play free fire max on pc without lag? We hope you liked the post. We have shared each and every detail. Please stay tuned for more updates and information regarding Free Fire and Free Fire Max. Let’s see you in our next post, just bookmark our site.

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