How to get HBDR AdX approval For Free (2024)

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HeaderBiddr or HBDR is an AdX company that approves MA accounts of different revenue share models like 90:1085:1580:20 & 70:30.

MA means Manage Account, managed by a third-party company like HeaderBiddr but paid by Google AdSense directly.

You can visit official site of HBDR from the given below link:

HeaderBiddr Official Site

What are the Benefits of HBDR ADX?

  • High-quality ads from top advertisers
  • Competitive ad rates
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Real-time reporting and analytics

Steps to Get Approval for HBDR ADX

  • Create High-Quality content on your website
  • High traffic is important to get approval from this site.
  • Your site must have AdSense approved and also have Admanger enabled.

Checkout: Google Ad Manager Full Setup Guide

HBDR ADX Approval Process

You can apply directly through HBDR’s Official Site. Alternatively, we provide some contact details and a Skype ID to apply directly.

Presently, Headerbiddr Publisher Team named Skype ID provides approval whose Skype ID is live:.cid.2f60a341d8d228db

After massaging him he asks for the details below detail, So make ready before massaging.

To proceed with processing your request. Here is the requirements info: 

Requirements for AdX MA with HeaderBiddr: 


Your site must be AdSense Approved

$50 minimum revenue per day – must be consistent

Google Payment over $1500 per month, with less than 7% deduction

6 months’ earnings history inside GAM or Adsense

The submitted Site must match the GAM monetized Site, and Site must be in “Ready” status, ads.txt authorized, and with no policy violations

Quality:  Your site must follow all Google monetization guidelines. The site must have at least 100 high-quality articles with 100% legible layouts, and proper site structure and functionality (policies, contact info, url structures). No invasive ads, no intrusive interstitials, no click-targeted ads

Revenue Share:  HeaderBiddr works on an 80/20 split with our Publishers

If your site fulfills these requirements, we are happy to onboard your site. Let me know. 

After you need to follow given below steps

Please proceed with the steps below:


Please add to your GAM as Administrator with full permissions with username HBDR and your GAM network ID as the username. 

After adding the email, please confirm with your details below.

STEP 2: 

Send us your details (in this format) 

Your Name and Email

Website URL

GAM Email

GAM Network ID

We will review your payment history, policy violations history, sites attached to the GAM and orders/line items, revenue and other reporting and infrastructure aspects of the account. 

Note: We cannot proceed with any active dashboards sites or accounts, example: blogspot., gamepix,, lagged, pantip, etc. 

Please note: If you cannot add us to your GAM account BEFORE connection, we cannot onboard your account. Unfortunately, screenshots or videos are not accepted as a substitute form of proof.

On this day, HBDR MA approval has huge demand. So, be patient after applying for MA account approval. We can try to update the article as soon as we get any updated information. So stay tuned for that and if you have any queries let me know in the comment section.

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