Adsterra Reviews 2024: Adsterra Ad network Full Review with payment proof

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Adsterra Reviews 2024: Adsterra is an ad network that may be extremely beneficial to both publishers and advertisers. Today, I’m going to look at it mostly from the standpoint of the publisher, but keep in mind that much of what I say will apply to both sides of the coin. After all, advertisers gain value from a solid publisher network, and publishers get value from successful advertising.

About Adsterra

Adsterra was formed in Scotland in 2013 and has since expanded abroad. Every month, they deliver tens of billions of impressions through geo-targeted advertising. They have a network of 18K+ direct publishers all around the world, and it’s growing every year.

About Adsterra
About Adsterra


Publishers can earn money through the network in a number of ways, including cost per action (CPA), cost per click (CPC), and CPM advertising. This is useful since it allows you to choose which types of advertisements to run depending on your traffic and regular usage habits.

If you have a highly engaged audience that opens links and advertising on a regular basis, CPC or CPA marketing can be significantly more effective. You may still monetize your audience with CPM advertisements if it’s larger but less engaged.

They provide a range of ad types in various sizes:

  • Leaderboard banners are available in 46860, 72890, and 32050.
  • Rectangle display advertising in sizes of 300 x 250 and 800 x 440 pixels.
  • Vertical skyscrapers display banners in sizes 160300 and 160600.
  • Advertisements that appear beneath the fold and open in new tabs or windows without requiring the user’s attention.
  • Direct link advertisements that appear in the text and behave like conventional links.
  • Before embedded videos on a publisher’s site, pre-roll video advertising will appear.
  • Both desktop and mobile platforms are supported by push notification advertisements.
  • Similar to timed pop-over lightbox advertisements, interstitial adverts pop over the screen.

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For both desktop and mobile, all ad types are accessible.

Adsterra Ads Format
Adsterra Ads Format

Many consumers appear to enjoy their pop-under advertising since they are less invasive, and their network requires a particular degree of quality, so the ads are more likely to be valuable than spam. I also urge that you experiment with push notification advertisements, interstitial advertising, and video ads. Video advertisements have a high level of interaction, push notification advertising may be quite effective for specific audience categories, and interstitials are very noticeable.

Because they are the network’s first and major offering, Adsterra pop-under advertising is highly recommended. It’s what they specialize in, what their account managers excel at, and what they’ve spent the most time optimizing.

You may run two sorts of accounts on Adsterra. You may choose their managed platform, where one of their expert account managers will take over and manage your advertising so that you get the most out of it. This is mostly true on the advertising side of the board; publishers don’t usually require assistance and won’t want to hand over site editing authority to someone who isn’t affiliated with their company.

Self Service Ad Platform
Self-Service Ad Platform


Simultaneously, Adsterra runs a self-service site where advertisers may browse and buy advertising directly, taking care of everything themselves. This connects to the same network and has the same features as the managed platform; the only difference is that it doesn’t have experienced managers on hand to address tough circumstances or apply their network expertise directly.

One thing I won’t be able to do for you is to predict your ad prices. Adsterra’s pricing is determined by the specialty, quality, and location of your site, as well as the sort of traffic you generate and the advertisers interested in your spots.

So, what about those conditions? Here is what Adsterra has to offer:

  • To operate pop-unders, publishers must have at least 5,000 monthly impressions.
  • To use display banners, publishers must have at least 50,000 monthly impressions.
  • Publishers are not permitted to publish explicit or unlawful content.

Of course, referring phony, fraudulent, or exchange traffic will result in your account being suspended and your domain and/or personal information being blacklisted from utilizing their network. I’m not sure how they go about appealing this restriction, but I imagine it’s difficult.

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Benefits of Adsterra

There’s a lot to like about Adsterra. It’s a reputable, reliable network that has worked hard to reduce the number of low-quality ads and publishers that plague many other networks. As a result, for those who fit their qualifications, it’s a terrific solution.

Adsterra’s main strength is its concentration on pop-under advertising. Use them as a secondary advertising network, in my opinion. They may have a variety of ad styles, but their pop-under technology has received the most attention, and it’s what most marketers will be looking for. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy; they have a reputation for one sort of advertisement, so when people sign up, they’re looking for that type of advertisement, and their other services are pushed to the side.

So, my recommendation is to utilize Adsterra for pop-unders and other specialist ad networks for the rest of your ad types. Using two networks, each with a specialty is preferable to using one network that executes each format half-heartedly. Not that I’m accusing Adsterra of doing anything half-assed; they’re excellent in every way. It’s really up to you to figure out which formats are appropriate for your site.

Adsterra’s account managers are the company’s second most valuable asset. Advertisers may utilize the self-service platform or hire an account manager, while publishers receive a personal manager. Because of their expertise of the network and everything involved, when an account manager is involved, the quality of ad installation improves.

Adsterra advertises with a 100% fill rate and a competitive CPM. I’m not sure if they can promise 100 percent fill or if the data they used to back it up was cherry-picked, but their fill rates are impressive anyway. Their FAQ claims a 100% fill rate for all ad types, which, if accurate, is amazing.

Security is also a priority for the network. Because pop-unders have a reputation for being spammy, Adsterra aims to distance itself from that tainted background. They provide a high level of protection and filtering to ensure that harmful, nasty, and malware adverts are all prevented before they appear on your site. For further protection, they have both an in-house and a third-party fraud detection system in place.

Why choose Adsterra
Why choose Adsterra

If a poor ad gets through due to a loophole or a fluke, or if an ad that you don’t want is running on your site – such as for a rival – you may contact your personal manager to have that ad or advertiser stopped. So long as you’re not abusing the functionality, they’re fairly attentive to such requests.

Adsterra’s geo-targeting is fantastic for advertisers, and their publisher side is a big part of it. You can opt to show various adverts to different portions of your audience depending on geo-targeted data as a publisher. You don’t have to declare that you’re primarily based in one nation, and you may cater to people from all over the world.

Adsterra also offers a choice of payment options. E-payments, WebMoney, wire transfers, Paxum, and PayPal are all options for receiving funds. They have also begun to accept Bitcoin payments for those of you who are interested in cryptocurrency. Payments are made on a net fifteen basis.

Adsterra Referral program
Adsterra Referral program

Additionally, if you’re an affiliate marketer, Adsterra provides a referral program that you may utilize to earn a little extra cash. Because I’m not utilizing it for this article, none of my Adsterra links are monetized. Consider writing your own review and utilizing a referral link for your own gain. Their referral scheme, I believe, gives a 5% discount.

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Potential Downsides of Adsterra

Now, I don’t have a lot of difficulties with Adsterra, so a lot of what I’ve stated here is either prospective issues that some people could have, problems that others have had, or simply less-than-ideal information I’ve seen on their network.

To begin with, the minimum compensation for publishers is very large in the business. To get a payout via any payment method other than wire transfers, you must first earn $100. A minimum payment of $1,000 is required for wire transactions. This implies that tiny sites may take a long time to reach a payout, and therefore wire transfers are ineffective for the vast majority of sites.

A $50 fee is also charged for wires. A.1% commission is also charged on Bitcoin transactions. Small commissions may apply to other settlement systems, such as Paxum, which charges $1 for each transaction.


Adsterra Payment Proof
Adsterra Payment Proof

Payments are made automatically after the payment threshold has been reached, or every 15 days, whichever comes first. This implies you won’t get paid on a regular basis unless you can consistently meet the payment threshold every two weeks. If you’re counting on that money for future investment, it can be a little unpredictable. Checkout: Adsterra Direct ads with Dummy Button

Adsterra is less than suitable for low-volume publications due to its traffic requirements, compensation threshold, and other considerations. They aren’t as restricted as some of the high-end ad networks, which demand millions of monthly visitors, but they aren’t available to everyone, which makes them difficult to employ while your site is still growing.

Unfortunately, most big modifications to ad implementation must go through a publisher’s personal manager. Of course, you may add and delete their ad code as needed. The publisher dashboard also allows you to manage basic information. However, you must go via your personal manager if you wish to change the default frequency cap, ban particular advertisers, or make other significant changes to your account.

Adsterra’s customer service is typically good and prompt, however, they don’t have an online chat help channel. You may, however, Skype with them, which serves the same purpose, so this isn’t a major disadvantage.

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Wrapping Up- Adsterra Reviews 2024

I propose that you utilize Adsterra in combination with at least one additional display ad network. Use Adsterra for their pop-unders, and when they’re no longer effective, remove them. Your site will eventually be able to sell advertising directly at premium prices, and you will no longer need to use other ad networks, but until then, Adsterra is an excellent alternative. For the latest tech news & blogging Tutorials, follow TECH FOR U on TwitterFacebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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