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Best Native Ad Networks || Earn Money Online: Native Ads are the future of online advertisement. One can use native ads on the website, mobile, and even on smartwatches. In this post, we are listing some of the Best Native Ad Networks to monetize your website or app. Online advertising has evolved over the years.

Gone are the days when classic banner ads used to dominate the online advertising scene. Nowadays, people prefer ad formats that are informative, non-intrusive, and attractive.

Native Ads have all these ingredients and have become a hit with the audience at large. It is the form of advertising which connects and blends in with the content so beautifully that they do not appear as ads at all. This is the prime reason which has led to the rise of native ads.

Best Native Ad Networks

What are Native Ads?

You may have seen – Outbrain, and Taboola Ads that match with the concurrent Contents. Those are content-matched native ads.

The Native Ads can be referred to as the paid articles used as promotions by content marketers. These ads are displayed as “in-feed, ” and mostly they are non-disruptive.

With this in mind – most of the time, they come as related stories, related posts, or suggested posts. Usually, native Ads are those articles that are related to your site containing a headline and image.

You may term them as Pay Per Click Ads, similar to Adsense, and they mostly look the same as a part of the Ad serving website.

To put it another way, those Native Ad Networks function as just like another type of Advertising Network that connects the publishers with advertisers in a chain system.

Gone are the days, when only Adsense was there, now it has become a dominant trend in making some extra bucks from your site using Native Advertisements.

To clarify, those Native Ads can be served or displayed within your existing blog post, in the sidebar of your blog, and much more. Yes, native ads get high CTR as they don’t look like regular disturbing banner and link ads.

So, now let’s explore the Best Native Advertising Networks. We are sure that you will find a suitable one for matches your requirements.

List of Best Native Ad Networks to earn Money Online


MGID is one of the best Native Ad Networks. It is one of the oldest advertising networks around and enjoys a huge global market share, with some of the top international publishers and advertisers across its network. Blinkbox, Tradedoubler, Snakkle, and Organic Authority are some of the many quality publishers partnering with MGID. The CPM rates of MGID are in the range of 1 to 5 cents, which increases tier-1 traffic. News and viral sites have the highest CTR with an average RPM of USD 1. MGID is a safe option for monetizing traffic from Asia and Latin America. It is one of the recommended native ad platforms for marketers who are into traffic arbitrage. MGID is the best ad network for small publishers. This is the best ad network for bloggers as well. Ad networks with no minimum traffic requirements. High rate ad networks for Indian, Asian, and worldwide publishers.

  • MGID CPM rate- 30 cents to USD 2
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 10,000 page views per day, or 300,000 views per month.
  • MGID Payment Method- NET 30, the minimum payout threshold is $100.
  • You can combine MGID with Google AdSense

Payment methods:

  • Wire transfer – ACH (US bank accounts)
  • Wire transfer – International (non-US bank accounts)
  • PayPal

MGID Payment Threshold Details:



2. Outbrain

Outbrain is one of the best Native Ad Networks. It is the best bet when it comes to monetizing a website in the CPC model through sponsored content if the publisher has just the right quality of content. The network offers an RPM rate of 37 cents to USD 1.12 per thousand page views. It provides users to promote articles, videos, infographics, slideshows, and other earned media. 80% of the world’s leading brands use Outbrain. Some of them are The Guardian, Washington Post, Men’s Health, Runner’s World. It supports high-quality content. Therefore all the advertisements in the network are directly approved by the editorial team. Hence the ad quality is excellent providing a transparent viewing experience to all visitors. It is the best native platform for monetizing US traffic. If you’re a marketer, I suggest you get started with Outbrain since it is self-serve and the daily spend is also quite affordable.

  • Outbrain CPM Rates- 37 Cents to $3
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 10 million page views per month


3. RevContent

RevContent offers almost 250 billion recommendations per month, and is a versatile platform for media brands and advertisers. It has fast become the best-performing native ad network with the highest CPM rates in the industry and other features such as support for different geographic, contextual, and demographic channels. Having some of the top international content marketers like Forbes, CBS, Reuters, and International Business Times in its publisher list only validates that. This network is fully compatible with AdSense which again is a big advantage. The average RPM for RevContent is around 44 cents. CPM rates can go as high as USD 3. While other ad networks take a cut of 50-40% of the advertiser’s earnings, RevContent’s 20% revenue share has made this more profit-oriented for both advertisers and publishers. RevContent is good at monetizing the US and global traffic. RevContent is one of the best Native Ad Networks.

Advertisers and Offers

  • Advertising Types: Native Ads, Widget, and Sponsored Content
  • Offer Types: CPC, CPM
  • Verticals: All
  • Revcontent CPM Rate- Can go as high as $3
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 3 million page views per month.
  • Payment Method- The minimum payout threshold is $50, and they pay via Paypal.

4. Taboola

Taboola is one of the best native ad platforms, serving over 200 billion recommendations to over 550 million unique visitors every month on some of the Web’s most innovative publisher sites, with USA Today, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, and The Weather Channel. It is the largest content marketing platform in the world and offers a 50% revenue share to publishers which is quite steep when compared to industry standards. This network has a strong regional advertiser base across the world which results in great variety in creatives and the nature of the ads. Taboola has some of the biggest brands like Forbes, NY Times, TMZ, and USA Today on its publisher list. Taboola is a PPC network where publishers only get paid for clicks. The RPM of a Taboola ad can up to $2 and more depending on the traffic quality and location. Taboola has a fill rate of almost 100%. This ad network monetizes global and Indian traffic very well.

  • Taboola CPM Rates- Higher Than $2
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 1 million page views per month.
  • Taboola Payment Methods- They give the money on a NET 45-day basis, and their minimum payout threshold is $100.
  • The payments are made via Payoneer.

Also Read: Krishna Janmashtami Script 2023 Viral and Advanced Script is one of the best native advertising networks. It provides content marketing services to online advertisers. calculates the revenue based on eCPM and eCPC advertising. It delivers higher rates for worldwide traffic. The RPM offered is in the range of 5 cents to USD 2. It has proven to be a source of steady earnings to its publishers with a good volume of tier-one traffic. The platform works well for all types of niche websites because they have a good advertiser base in that segment. The offers a full 100% fill rate to its publishers. It has the potential for good traffic and works best for users coming in from Europe. This ad network is advisable to use along with Google AdSense to increase the revenue earnings. is also the best ad network for small publishers. Ad networks with no minimum traffic requirements. This is the best ad network for bloggers as well. High-rate ad networks for Indian, Asian, and worldwide publishers.

  • CPM Rates- 5 cents to $2
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 30,000 page views per month or quality Content.
  • Payment Method- They pay on a NET 30-day basis, and the minimum payout threshold is $50.
  • The payment options are PayPal, Wire Transfer, cheque, and Hold My Payment

6. Disqus

Disqus is a comment plugin available for websites and blogs. It places native ads tagged with the comments and revenue is generated when visitors click on those ads. It is the most popular comment plugin network and can see huge bursts of traffic. But as a native ad network, it lags behind many of the others in the industry. The CPM rates offered by Disqus are lower than those of Taboola and other networks and the viewership percentage is also not great due to its poor-quality ads. The Disqus ads report an RPM of $0.30. Disqus is good at monetizing global traffic. It is one of the best Native Ad Networks.

  • Disqus CPM rate- $0.30
  • MinimumTraffic Requirement- No traffic requirement
  • Disqus Payment Methods- They pay on a NET 90-day basis, and the minimum payout threshold is $100.
  • The payment options are PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheque, Cheque, and ACH

7. Earnify

Earnify operates as a CPA revenue model. It has a pre-review process for sites before giving them approvals.

You can withdraw the payment using Payoneer, having a minimum payout threshold of $20. Mostly, it is highly recommended for sites to have high traffic.

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