10 Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2024

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Diwali is among the most popular celebrations in India. It is known for being the celebration of light. It is celebrated every year on the 11th of October. The year this is, Diwali falls on Wednesday, and here are 10 great places to celebrate it in India 2024.

10 Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India

What is Diwali?

Diwali Also called Deepavali is one of the most significant celebrations in Hinduism. It is a celebration of the triumph between good and evil and signifies the beginning of the dark part (Kartika) of the year. (Kartika). Diwali is celebrated in October and November each year.

How to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023?

If you’re planning for a way to commemorate Diwali in India There are a few points that you must be aware of. It is first important to keep in mind that different regions of India have their own distinct rituals and customs that are associated with the celebration. Therefore, while some may celebrate by setting off fireworks or attending extravagant dinners, others might prefer something less formal such as decorating their homes with lights or participating in traditional religious rituals.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to be careful during your celebrations. Be mindful in regards to the number of fireworks you fire Be careful not to damage any property you visit to have enjoyment! And if you’re planning to travel during this period, you should be aware that certain areas could be affected by traffic jams and the limited availability of public transportation. Make sure you plan your trip accordingly!

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List of 10 Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023

1. Mumbai

Mumbai is a favorite city for many around the globe for celebrations of Diwali. There are numerous places in Mumbai where people can meet to celebrate Diwali. One of the best spots for celebrating Diwali at in Mumbai is The Gateway of India. This Gateway of India is a famous landmark that is situated over Mumbai. It is possible to gather at the monument and enjoy fireworks to mark Diwali. Another excellent location for celebrating Diwali within Mumbai is in the vicinity of Flora Fountain.

There are numerous bars and restaurants near Flora Fountain, so people can enjoy a delicious meal or drink during the celebration of Diwali. Another way to enjoy Diwali during the festival in Mumbai is to go to one of the temples located in the city. Temple visits are a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge about Hindu tradition and its historical background and offer the chance to make fireworks when it comes to Diwali celebrations.

2. Delhi

Diwali the Festival of Lights, is an occasion to celebrate the return of the sun following an extended winter. Diwali is celebrated throughout India with various celebrations and customs, however, some of the most beautiful locations to witness Diwali is located in Delhi.

Five reasons you should be celebrating Diwali with us in Delhi:

  1. The city is home to a wide range of celebrations and festivals taking place all at once and making it an exciting location to explore.
  2. The lighting and architecture in Delhi are among the most stunning and extravagant anyplace in India.
  3. There are a variety of food options to choose from during Diwali which ranges from traditional Indian dishes to desserts and snacks.
  4. The city is awash with people and sounds that make for a lively celebration.
  5. There’s something unique about the celebration of Diwali in Delhi It’s like you’re part of a bigger community that celebrates this celebration with one another.

3. Calcutta

Diwali is among the most significant Hindu celebrations and is celebrated throughout India. Calcutta is frequently called”the “City of Joy”, but isn’t the only one to celebrate it. There are five fantastic locations for celebrating Diwali within Calcutta!

1) Chowringhee Road: Chowringhee Road is a stunning avenue that runs through the center of the city of Calcutta. Along the road, there are numerous eateries and shops that are open throughout Diwali hours. There are numerous temples and other sacred sites which are open to visitors during this period.

2) Kolkata Railway Station: Kolkata Railway Station is a well-known destination for tourists and residents alike. It has many buildings that have been converted into temples made of mud in the course of Diwali celebrations. There are also food stalls and other sellers at the station who offer typical Indian desserts, snacks and sweets.

3) Eden Gardens: Eden Gardens is a well-known public garden that is located in the middle of Kolkata. The garden has a huge pond, which is brimming with lotus blooms in the Diwali season. There are many pavilions that have been transformed into temples, where people are able to worship or take part in ceremonies associated with the festival.

4) Mother Teresa’s House: Mother Teresa’s Home is an important religious site located in the Kalighat the central area of Kolkata. This complex consists of several structures which include a convent in which nuns reside and a home where Mother Teresa lived and worked. On Diwali, the entire complex is accessible to the public, and visitors are welcome to look at the huge number of lights put in the buildings.

5) Jorasanko Temple: Jorasanko Temple is among the most revered shrines located in Kolkata which is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. The temple is open to visitors during Diwali and the devotees are able to visit the temple to view the intricate decorations that have been erected both inside and outside the temple.

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4. Hyderabad

Diwali often referred to as the celebration of light is among the most well-known festivals in India. It marks the beginning of the autumn season as well as is celebrated by Hindus across the nation. There are numerous options to commemorate Diwali in India according to the region you reside in.

In Hyderabad, one of the most ideal locations where you can celebrate Diwali is Hussain Sagar Lake Park and Musi Bagh Garden. Both of them host elaborate celebrations which include fireworks and parades. If you’re seeking a more intimate experience, think about attending the religious ceremonies in a temple near you. Whatever you decide to do, be sure you enjoy the celebrations while they’re taking place!

Christmas is among the most celebrated festivals in India and Kolkata is no different. Kolkata is home to numerous religious events that occur around the time of Christmas. Some of the most popular places where you can celebrate the Christmas season in Kolkata are located at EM Bypass as well as Victoria Memorial. Both places host special events such as caroling, and the Christmas market. If you’re looking to do something smaller and more intimate, think about going to a sacred ceremony in a temple nearby. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you enjoy the celebrations while they’re taking place!

5. Bangalore

Diwali is among the most important celebrations in Hinduism and marks the triumph of good over evil. In India, there are a variety of options to commemorate Diwali. Many people go out to have a candle-lit dinner with their loved ones or make elaborate decorations and consume lots of sweets. Whatever you decide to do, be sure you enjoy the festival! Here are some suggestions for having the most enjoyable Diwali holiday in Bangalore:

  • Begin your day with yoga or meditation. These exercises help you focus on your inner self and will aid in preparing for the next day.
  • Dress fancy! This is a crucial element of the celebration of Diwali. Dress in a festive and vibrant outfit and wrap a bright string around your wrists to display your outfit.
  • Bring some fireworks to ignite during the celebration. They’re a fantastic opportunity to display your pride in your culture and create lots of noise!
  • Take advantage of the Vijayawada style of food! This particular type of food is very well-loved for Diwali because it’s filling and spicy. Try dosa masala or even vada Pav if looking for something new.
  • You can celebrate by lighting candles to honor those who lost their lives all through all of time (particularly those who have been loved by you). This is a particularly memorable occasion during Diwali Day itself.

6. Pune

Diwali is a renowned Hindu festival that is celebrated across India. The main celebration is held at night with lights and fireworks, however, there are other special celebrations and events during the entire day. Here are five top locations where you can celebrate Diwali In Pune:

1. Rakab Ganj Temple The temple was built in honor of God Vishnu and is among the most sought-after places to visit during Diwali. The celebrations continue all day long and culminate with fireworks that are spectacular in the evening.

2. Siddhivinayak Temple: This famous temple houses an enormous statue of Shiva and during Diwali, it is customary to light votive candles and offer gifts or prayers to the god. Also, there are special rituals and events all day long.

3. Mahalaxmi Temple: This landmark temple is situated on Charlotte Hill and is famous for its huge painted statues depicting Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The temple also hosts an annual fireworks display that is worth seeing even in the absence of Diwali!

4. Jyotirlinga Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site is located atop Mount Ellora, and attracts thousands of visitors each throughout the year, especially throughout the Diwali season to watch the stunning lighting of candles in the sanctum sanctorum (a sacred space inside the temple).

5. Shivaji Maharaj Museum: The museum contains reconstructions of different buildings that were built during Shivaji’s lifetime and, when it is Diwali the courtyard transforms into a market featuring traditional foods and other items.

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7. Ahmedabad

If you’re seeking a festive setting to welcome in this new year Ahmedabad is the best city you can explore. You’ll find numerous cultural events and delicious food to mark Diwali. If you’re looking for traditional Hindu dishes or something more contemporary There’s something to suit all in Ahmedabad.

Celebrate your festivities by attending the Diwali celebration at some of the city’s numerous temples. In these temples, you’ll get to take in Dharma drumming, as well as a colorful display of religious art. Then, you can head to one of Ahmedabad’s many eateries for delicious Gujarati food. Explore wide selection of types of dosas (soft flatbreads) and other meals like masala dosa or tandoori chicken. For sweets, try Gulab Jamun, an emulous doughnut pastry that is filled with sugar syrup that is flavored.

Whatever you prefer, there’s sure to be something tasty to be found in Ahmedabad in the month of Diwali. Therefore, mark the date on your calendar and plan to be part of the celebrations!

8. Aurangabad

Aurangabad is among the most well-known places to go to visit during Diwali festivals in India. It is home to a variety of temples and shrines of religious significance that make it a great place to celebrate Diwali. Aurangabad is also home to a lively nightlife scene with numerous bars and restaurants that offer special Diwali-themed menus.
The majority of places to visit located in Aurangabad can be visited from 9:00 am until 5 pm on weekdays and till 6 pm on weekends.

9. Varanasi

Varanasi is among the most sought-after destinations in India to celebrate Diwali. It is an ancient city that has served as an important spiritual and religious center for Hindus for long periods of time. There are a variety of locations for celebrating Diwali in Varanasi and each has an experience that is unique to it. Some of the most ideal locations for celebrating Diwali in Varanasi are the Banaras Hindu University Campus, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple along with Shitla Ghat.

It is believed that the Banaras Hindu University Campus is one of the most popular places to celebrate Diwali due to its proximity to numerous holy places and temples. Its Kashi Vishwanath Temple happens to be among the largest temples in India which is the site of massive fireworks shows each year during Diwali night. Shitla Ghat is a popular location for watching fireworks displays and watching religious celebrations take in the river’s banks.

10. Goa

Diwali is among the most adored celebrations in India. It is usually observed by Hindus with friends and family getting together to enjoy the celebrations and celebrations. Here are a few of the most ideal locations where you can celebrate Diwali across India: The state in the southwestern part of the country is rich and long-lasting in its tradition of culture, and it’s not a reason to be surprised that Diwali is celebrated in a huge way in this state.

Celebrations take place on various beaches such as Calcutta and Mandovi in which families come together to light fireworks and eat traditional Indian food items such as samosas and tandoori chicken. Alongside traditional celebrations, There are also a lot of activities specifically designed for children, including cake decorating contests, and coloring pages that have themed themes for the holidays. If you’re looking to escape the crowds, visit isolated villages of Goa’s interior, where locals still observe the festival according to the ancient rituals.


Diwali is among the biggest celebrations in India and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and celebration each year. If you’re planning to travel across India for the celebration of Diwali Make sure you check out our guide to the top 10 destinations to go to in 2024. From Varanasi to Kolkata We’ve got everything covered!

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