BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023 Semifinals: Teams, Format, Schedule, More

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BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023 Semifinals: After the re-launch of BGMI multiple tournaments being organized all over India. One of the biggest BGMI tournaments, Skyesports Championship Series 2023, scheduled to take place from 7th to 18th June.

The quarterfinal stage of the tournament has already completed through which six teams have qualified for the next stage, joining 18 other directly invited teams for a chance to walk away as the champions.

BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023 Semifinals: Teams, Format, Schedule, More

Skyesports Championship Series 2023 features a massive total prize pool of INR 25,00,000 which is roughly $30,337 USD. In this post, we are going to give you the details about the Skyesports Champions Series 2023 BGMI Semifinals.

BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023 Semifinals: Complete Details

Six teams have already advanced to the semifinal round of the competition after the quarterfinal round, joining 18 other directly invited teams for a chance to win the title.

GodLike EsportsInvitedA
Gods ReignInvitedA
Gladiator EsportsInvitedA
Medal EsportsInvitedA
Inside OutInvitedA
Team Enigma ForeverInvitedA
Autobotz EsportsQuarterfinalsA
Velocity GamingQuarterfinalsA
Team XSparkInvitedB
7Sea EsportsInvitedB
Blind eSportsInvitedB
Team MisfitsInvitedB
Reckoning EsportsInvitedB
Global EsportsInvitedB
OBEY EsportsQuarterfinalsB
Team SouLInvitedC
Revenant EsportsInvitedC
Team TamilasInvitedC
OR EsportsInvitedC
Team VSTInvitedC
Verity EsportsQuarterfinalsC
Team iNSANEQuarterfinalsC

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Results and Schedule

This is the second round of the tournament. It will be starting from 9th to 13th June. The top 16 teams from the semifinals will proceed ahead to the final round.

Match Schedule – Quarterfinals

  • Map 1 | A x B | Erangel | 13:15 IST
  • Map 2 | A x C | Miramar | 13:55 IST
  • Map 3 | A x B | Sanhok | 14:35 IST
  • Map 4 | A x C | Erangel | 15:15 IST
  • Map 5 | B x C | Erangel | 15:55 IST
  • Map 6 | B x C | Miramar | 16:35 IST

Overall Results – Quarterfinals

RankTeamMatchesWWCDPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1Orangutan Gaming41202949
2Medal Esports41162036
3Blind Esports40161935
4Velocity Gaming41112132
5Revenant Esports41102030
6OBEY Esports41101929
7Team Verity4062329
8Team VST40101626
9OR Esports41111223
10iNSANE Esports4091423
11Gods Reign4081523
127Sea Esports4071522
13Team XSpark4061622
14Reckoning Esports4091221
15Enigma Forever4081119
16Team Autobotz4071219
17Team INS4051318
18Team Gladiators4061117
19GodLike Esports4051116
20Team 8Bit4021416
21Global Esports403912
22SouL Esports40279
23Team Misfits40538
24Team Tamilas40022


  • All the 24 teams, 18 invited and six qualified, will fight with each other across five match days.
  • These participants have been divided into three groups of eight group members, every team following a round-robin format.
  • Every group will play four matches on each day of the quarterfinals, which means every team will play a total of 20 matches in this stage.
  • At the end of all five match days, based on the overall points table, the top 16 teams will qualify to the third and final stage, finals.

BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023 Semifinals: Prize Pool


The tournament will be livestreamed across YouTube and Loco in the Hindi language. However, over on YouTube only the first few matches on each match day will be broadcasted live, the entire event being exclusively streamed on livestream platform Loco.

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