How To Create URL Shortener Website For Free in 2024

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How To Create URL Shortener Website For Free in 2024 || Make a Link Shortener Website Step by Step || Hindi: In this video, I will show you how to Create URL Shortener Website For Free with very simple steps. It is very simple & easy to create a URL Shortener Website. You just follow the steps explain in this video to create a premium URL Shortener Website / url shortener free. The method is free and effective using Adlinkfly script. So, watch this video till the end.

Time Stamp:

00:00 Intro

00:31 Basic Requirements to make a premium URL Shortener Website

00:35 How to get Free Script

00:53 How to create URL Shortener Website

01:00 upload Script

03:26 How to create a database

05:20 How to open domain & connect with database

06:53 How to create an admin user

07:35 How to access the home page and admin panel

08:24 Basic setting on the admin panel

08:30 Conclusions

How to Get a Free SSL for your URL Shortener Website:

How To Install Free SSL Certificate With Hostinger:

How to enable reCaptcha in link shortener site:


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