How to customize blogger template Like a Pro – Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners

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How to customize blogger template Like a Pro – Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners

How to customize blogger template Like a Pro – Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners: Once you upload the blogger template your blog does not look like a professional blogger, so to create a professional blogger, you need to customize your blogger layout and make it better.

So visitors love your interface and features. A professional blog enables you to engage your customer on your website for a longer period of time. Here I will explain how to edit blogger layouts and create professional blogs easily step by step Tutorial.

First upload the best Customize template of your choice, now that you have installed the template you have to customize the blog layout for a professional look. So today I’ll be discussing how to customize Google Blogger. You can also watch my blogging video given below:

Customize Blogger template:


Blogger provides you with the ability to customize its settings, icons, and design, and add third-party code inside it. For customization, you need to go to the blogger dashboard. Once you log in and enter the dashboard, you will see this type of interface:

How to modify and customize blogger layout
Here on the left side, you can see the main options for the various features of Blogger.

  • Post: Here you can go, create a new post and write new content on any topic. You can rewrite or edit the written content. You can create an unlimited number of posts here.
  • Statistics: This section helps you understand website behavior, and gives you information about website views, most popular posts, and traffic audience statistics.
  • Comments: It will provide you with a list of comments on your blog post, you can approve, reject or mark them as spam.
  • Earnings: This option will help you to apply for Adsense and view AdSense status.
  • Campaigns: They will help you promote your blog with AdWords – PPC Campaign to google.
  • Pages: This section helps you to create and customize your homepage or any other pages, in Blogger, you can only create 10 pages. It is limited but you can create an unlimited number of posts.
  • Layout: In the image above, you can see, I opened up the Layout page, and here you can edit the homepage settings and widgets. You can also customize your favorite icon, logo, title, description, and a lot more.
  • Subject: Here you can download new blogger templates or if you want to change settings or features. You can edit the HTML code and do that.
  • Setup: This section helps you change blog settings related to posts, pages, SEO features, user access, and much more.

Hope this overview helped you to customize the blog. Now I’ll explain how you can make changes to the Blogger template for a better layout.

For more detailed information watch the above video.

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