Free Fire OB39 update: 5 upcoming characters leaked, check details

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Free Fire OB39 update: Hey friends, we welcome you to today’s post in which we are going to dedicate some most informative details regarding the upcoming update in the game free fire and free fire max. Though it’s important, make sure to retain the duration that you will provide reading this post. Now let us begin exploring this article that is all about Free Fire OB39 update: 5 upcoming characters leaked and related details.

Recently the entire community has experienced the OB38 update in the game. January was the month when it was launched. And accordingly, we can assume that the next OB update in free fire will arrive after the gap of two months from the date of launch of the previous OB update of the game. As the latest OB update that was OB38, was launched on the 11th of January, we can hope that the next OB update that is OB39 would be launched in the month of March.

Free Fire OB39 update: 5 upcoming characters leaked, check details

Relatively, the OB39 update will bring out a lot of changes with it that would be assumed as a major upgrade via the expertise. Well, we are here to demonstrate the leaked details about characters’ designs and related assets regarding the OB39 update in free fire max. So, let us move on and probably have the information.

Free Fire OB39 update: 5 upcoming characters leaked and related details.

Friends, the very first point that you need to note is that every solo detail and information in this article is taken from the platforms over the net. Accordingly, some data miners have leaked some of the updates regarding the OB39 update hence every detail are part of the same and we do not owe to own these leaks.



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1. Twin Killers

The Twin Killers are a duo of siblings. The elder daughter who owns some special power uses it to collect information about enemies and later transfers it to her brother. Afterward, the brother comes out to be a killing machine and is called a lethal assassin and the duo fights together with enemies.

2. Geek Explorer

A gifted student who is known as Geek Explorer is a mechanical engineer. Although he has a frail body, he is brave and courageous in his skill and work. He loves exploring and inventing certain mechanical equipment and scanning remote areas.

3. Godfather

The Godfather is an extremely popular and iconic term. The Godfather is always considered the most powerful figure in any character. Similarly, the one that is going to be included in the game, is the mafia. He is an underworld don and he smuggles weapons.
4. Bounty Huntress

Bounty Huntress is a female and so popular as a bounty hunter. She is claimed to be a cold-hearted lady and does love only money. Her skills are found to be superb and her work is found to be fantastic.

5. Sonia

She is a unique character and tends to gain some impressive skills that can be obtained through the mixture of Human and Artificial Intelligence. Hence she is more powerful and wishes to evolve the human race through.


So friends, here is the most satisfying and greatest update of all time and the same is going to be expressed in the upcoming OB38 update in free fire hence keep us joined for additional details upon the same.

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