Garena Free Fire Densho Ring Event: Get Exclusive Bundles in the game; Check Details

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Garena Free Fire Densho Ring Event: Hello friends, welcome to today’s post in which we are going to share some details that are exclusive for this month. Why is it exclusive? You will find the answer to this, further over the post. Make sure to read out the post till last and we shall state all the information related to it.

Finally, the grand event from Densho calendar has been rolled out in free fire and free fire max. Now, the players could obtain the most aggressive bundle of the month and they could enjoy it. This time there is much for information for you because of the new type of event. What are these details? To know, read this article till last.

Densho Ring Event: New Luck Royale event

Free Fire MAX Densho Ring Event

So friends, a new event has been launched in Free Fire this week where users can use their diamonds to obtain the most aggressive bundles of this month. Although, this event is categorised under the luck royale section but the interface is completely changed or even it is introduced for the first time ever.

This event is non of the true luck royale event or any faded wheel. Instead, the event is exclusive and the interface is something similar to the image we have stated. This type of event can be seen for the first time in the game because you can see the prize overview has some changes along with the bundles sorting.

But there is no problem at all because you have to make spins just like the other luck royale events and the instructions are mentioned below. Before the instructions, let us know the list of prizes that are injected into the Densho Ring Event: New Luck Royale event.

Note that we are listing only the grand prizes.

List Of Bundles In Densho Ring Event

List Of Bundles In Densho Ring Event

  • Nightfire Kami Bundle.
  • Stormwrath Kami Bundle.
  • Luminus Kami Bundle.
  • Serpent Kami Bundle.
  • X100 diamonds.
  • Pet food.
  • Densho Ring-themed tokens( which players can use to get free spin).
  • Weapon Loot Crate.

How To Obtain Densho Kami Bundles From New Luck Royale Event Densho Ring?

  • Login to the game
  • Now go to the luck royale section
  • There you will see a new type of event, just similar to the one that is uploaded as the second image of this post
  • Now you will see 2 options for making spins, the first option will consume 20 diamonds for 1 spin while the other option will consume 200 diamonds for 11 spins
  • Make sure to follow our advice that go through the second option
  • Continue making spins, if you would get the bundle, it’s okay or just collect at least 200 tokens from the spins
  • If you would get the desired bundles then fine or now you can exchange 200 tokens for your favorite bundles among the four mentioned bundles
  • Now enjoy your prize



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So, this was the post that was based upon Free Fire MAX Densho Ring Event: New Luck Royale event goes live with themed bundles up for grabs, ALL DETAILS. All the details have been stated along with the instructions to obtain the bundles. We wish you would have loved the post, keep the same for all other upcoming posts. Till then, stay tuned.

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