Highest Paying Occupations in United States America 2022

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Highest Paying Occupations in United States America: After graduating abroad, many graduates seek employment in the United States. In this country, professionals are attracted by comfortable working conditions, a modern approach to work, career prospects, and high quality of life in general.

In addition, in America, ex-pats are treated very well, and foreigners can become first-class, reputable specialists.

Highest Paying Occupations in United States America
Highest Paying Occupations in United States America


In this article, we will consider the highest paid professions in the United States, the average salaries in these positions, and educational institutions in which students can be trained in promising specialties.

The most demanding occupation in the US is in the field of healthcare, information technology, management, finance, engineering, and law.

Here is what the top 10 highest paying jobs in America look like according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as of 2021:

  • Medical Professions
  • IT manager
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Network engineer
  • Software developer

Also in the top 100 highest paid professions in the United States are such specialists as an actuary (risk assessor), mathematician, psychologist, business process manager, information security analyst, general manager, natural sciences manager, pharmacist, sales manager, HR manager, mechanical engineer, system administrator, logistician, accountant, and others.

Let’s take a closer look at the top ten highest-paid and most in-demand professions in the United States.


Medical Professions

The first positions in the list of the highest-paid professions in demand in the United States are occupied by such medical specialties as anesthetists (average annual salary – $208,000).

As a rule, doctors diagnose diseases and treat patients in hospitals, emergency medical facilities, and private medical offices.

Doctors prescribe medications, perform surgical and other procedures, refer to narrow specialists, conduct medical examinations, and so on.

  • Average salary per year:  $110,700 – $208,000;
  • Required educational level: master’s degree (for assistants and nurses), doctoral studies (for doctors).


IT manager

If you describe the highest paid IT professions in the US, first of all, you should indicate this position.

IT managers could be one of the best choices as they have to help organizations navigate the ever-changing maze of modern technology. They analyze as well as predict the company’s technology needs and goals.

The responsibilities of IT managers include coordinating technology issues with senior management, managing personnel, determining the timing of work on IT projects, scheduling software or hardware updates, negotiating with equipment suppliers, and so on.

  • Average salary per year:  $146,000;
  • Required educational level: bachelor’s degree.


Petroleum Engineer

The top highly paid professions in 2021 also include the position of a petroleum engineer.

This specialist determines the best methods for oil and gas production, designs and develops production equipment, controls pipelines, searches for oil and gas deposits, builds and implements drilling plans, and much more.

US employers can give favor candidates with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, and also consider professionals with a degree in another engineering discipline.

  • The average salary for the year:  $137,720
  • Required educational level:  bachelor’s degree.

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Marketing Manager

If you have chosen a product or service at least once in your life for inexplicable reasons, most likely your choice was the result of the meticulous work of a marketer.

Marketing managers perform a whole range of tasks for the promotion and sale of goods, brands, and services: market research, product positioning, consumer behavior analysis, competitor research, marketing planning, development of pricing strategies, and advertising campaigns.

In addition to the actual marketing work, marketing managers often have additional responsibilities for hiring staff and building a team. Most marketers have a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience in their field.

  • The average salary for the year:  $136,850;
  • Required educational level: bachelor’s degree.


Financial Manager

One of the most demanded professions in the US is a specialist as a financial manager. The work of a financial manager covers the following tasks: managing the company’s finances, increasing the company’s revenue based on data analysis, tracking market trends, preparing financial statements, looking for opportunities to reduce costs, and advising senior management on financial decisions.

Financial managers can also control other team members and delegate their powers.

  • The average salary for the year:  $129,890;
  • Required educational level:  bachelor’s degree.


Network engineer

The highest-paid IT jobs in the US include the network engineer, who designs and builds computer networks ranging from vast cloud infrastructures to small intranets. Engineers could also analyze traffic data to plan for future growth.

Typically, computer network architects have a Bachelor of Engineering degree and significant experience in systems administration.

  • The average salary for the year:  $112,690;
  • Required educational level:  bachelor’s degree.


Software Developer

Software developers create programs and applications for desktops, websites, smartphones, and so on. They only have to perform and improve coding for the company. In fact, this is a complex creative work, which is based on knowledge and logic.

In addition to technical skills, the developer must be able to correlate the requirements of the client with the capabilities of the software and communicate both with the customer and with colleagues on the project.

  • The average salary for the year:  $107,510;
  • Required educational level:  bachelor’s degree.


Where to study to get a high-paying job in the USA?

To get a good well-paid job in the USA, it is desirable to graduate from a university in America as well.

So you will be familiar with the peculiarities of life and work in the United States in advance, undergo internships and internships, and make connections with potential employers and colleagues in your specialty.


Wrapping Up

This article is a full list of the top 7 occupations to do in the US, you can prefer any among these and these are the highest paying jobs if you ever care.

Many of you have come here for your knowledge, but it’s so satisfying and you can have one if you want to reside in the USA. Hope this article is as per your expectation, we shall meet you in our next article.

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