How to Blacklist a URL || How to Block URL

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How to Blacklist a URL || How to Block URL: Sometimes Blacklist a URL is very impotent to protect a variety of systems in computing. Microsoft Windows operating system enables you to blacklist URLs, making them inaccessible from your browser. This can help to prevent staff members from spending time on specific sites that are irrelevant to work. Blacklisting a URL is additionally an efficient way to prevent access to sites that are potentially harmful. Note that blocking a URL through Windows will affect Internet Explorer and other browsers also as most other applications that access the web.

block url

  1. Press on Windows+R and type “Control Panel Home”
  2. On the Control Panel” click on Network and Internet” and then click on “Internet Options.”
  3. After that, Open the “Privacy” tab and click the “Sites” button.
  4. Enter the URL into the box below the “Address of website” and click “Block.”
  5. Repeat for any other sites you wish to block. Click “OK” when you’re finished.

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