How to get Free Valentine Item event in Free Fire MAX

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How to get Free Valentine Item event in Free Fire MAX: In this post, we shall share some details about newly launched events and activities in the free fire. As we have mentioned a high priority word ‘Valentine’ in our latest posts, that made hype among players about the iconic day. As the days are passing, the developers are providing sequential updates through events and activities that are themed and based upon Valentine’s Day.

As you all know, for the last few years, the developers are providing fantastic tuned items based on the theme of Valentine’s and love and similarly, we can find such types of items this time also. Accordingly, the related updates have once again merged with the event and celebration of Valentine’s Day. This time, the developers have launched an activity where players can claim rewards at no cost, which means for free. So are you excited to know how can you participate in this activity and attain premium and exclusive items for free?

Free Valentine Item event in Free Fire MAX: Details

Free Valentine’s Items event in Free Fire MAX

So friends, as we have mentioned that am activity mission has been out for all the players, so you need to complete a few tasks that are actually the challenges and in exchange for completion, you can attain premium rewards for free. We will list the rewards following the tasks that are relatable to the event.

The event is named Valentine’s Free Items. The name itself suggests that you can get free items on the Occasion of Valentine’s Event. You have to just follow the instructions below and apply as stated. Read carefully so that you couldn’t make any mistakes and you can get the rewards easily.

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How To Get Free Valentine’s Items In Free Fire Max?

Step 1: Log in to the game

Step 2: Now you have to go to events > Valentine’s free items

Step 3: There you can see a number of tasks that you have to complete

Step 4: You can go there directly or you can follow the steps below and get to know what you have to do along with the rewards

  • You have to play with a friend one time to get an M82B gun crate
  • You have to revive your teammates 3 times to get AK47 premium gun crate
  • You have to help up your teammates 5 times to get a banner
  • You have to get Booyah 5 times in order to win a valentine based Cupid Scar gun crate and lovely hearted avatar as you can see in the image

Step 5: After completing these tasks you have to come back to this page and claim all those rewards

Step 6: Now you are done

Step 7: Now you can find these items in your vault, enjoy it!

These were the actual steps along with the tasks that you are required to complete in order to claim each and every Valentine’s special item. These are for you and follow the above-mentioned instructions and move on to the game as this event will run until the 14th of February.


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