Top 5 Best Character and pet combinations in Free Fire (2022)

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Top 5 Best Character and pet combinations in Free Fire in 2022

Top 5 Best Character and pet combinations in Free Fire in 2022: The most popular battle royale game in 2021 is Free Fire. It has risen to become the year’s most downloaded game. You can choose from a variety of characters, each with their own set of skills, in Free Fire. Pets, which are miniature companions who follow you around and provide you small stat boosts, are also available in the game.

Characters and pets are two of Garena Free Fire’s most intriguing features. The majority of them have unique talents and skills that have a direct impact on the players’ gameplay and provide them an advantage over their foes.

Players can also match these characters with specific pets to get a competitive advantage on the battlefield, as some of their skills are very well synchronized.

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List of Best Character And Pet combination in Free Fire

1) K + Ottero

K + Ottero
K + Ottero

K is a unique character in that his ability has two distinct game modes: jiu-jitsu mode, which boosts the EP to HP conversion rate by 500%, and combat mode, which increases the EP to HP conversion rate by 500%. Psychology mode, on the other hand, recovers 2 EP every 2 seconds.

As previously noted, Ottero provides EP for 65 percent of HP regained. Unlike A124, where players must constantly engage the ability, players can put K’s ability to Jiu-jitsu mode for a 500% conversion rate boost. It means that every second, users will convert 5 EP 5 HP.

2) Alok + Falco

Alok + Falco
Alok + Falco

Alok creates a 5m aura in which teammates get five health points every second for a total of around 10 seconds. The movement speed additionally rises by 15% after activation.

Falco’s Skyline Spree increases gliding speed by 45 percent when players parachute. Meanwhile, after the parachute opens, the diving speed is boosted by 45 percent. Furthermore, this benefit lasts for the full duration.

Falco is a battle royale pet that gets along with practically every character. Players can utilize the pet to help Alok land faster, then use Drop the Beat to rapidly grab the prize. Rockie and Mr Waggor are also given Alok by the players.

3) A124 + Ottero

A124 + Ottero
A124 + Ottero

The Thrill of Battle transforms 60 EP to HP in 4 seconds and can be used every 10 seconds. The character is a good stand-in for Alok.

Players who have Ottero as a pet will gain EP anytime they use a Treatment Gun or a Med Kit. The quantity of EP obtained is equal to 65 percent of the HP recovered at the ability’s greatest level.

Users can swiftly convert this recovered EP to HP with Thrill of Battle, which synchronizes well with A124.

4) Chrono + Rockie

Chrono + Rockie
Chrono + Rockie

Despite the nerf in the Free Fire OB27 update, Chrono has remained a popular character among both casual and competitive players.

The ability creates a force shield that blocks 600 damage from the outside while allowing players to shoot at opponents from within. It also boosts the speed of movement by 15%. All of these effects last for a total of 8 seconds, with a 170 second cooldown.

Rockie is a pet that reduces the overall cooldown time of equipped abilities by 15%. This makes it a feasible option for Chrono as well as any other active ability character like Steffie, Alok, Xayne, and others. The cooldown time for Chrono will be cut in half, to about 145 seconds.

5) Skyler + Mr Waggor

Skyler + Mr Waggor
Skyler + Mr Waggor

Riptide Rhythm is an active ability that sends forth a sonic wave that destroys five gloo walls within a 100-meter radius. Furthermore, erecting gloo barriers boosts HP recovery by 9 points.

Last year, Mr Waggor was the most popular pet in Free Fire. When users have less than two of these, the talent generates a gloo wall grenade every 100 seconds.

The pet not only complements Skyler, but also the rest of the persona. Players will profit from this ability when utilizing it with Skyler, as they will not have to look for gloo wall grenades. They will automatically receive them once a certain amount of time has passed.

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Wrapping Up- Free Fire Best Character and pet combinations

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