10 Unique Ways To Get More Followers on Pinterest in 2024

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Pinterest maybe you must be knowing but are not aware of what is it. How it works and why we need followers on it. Many of you here must be in quest of some pretty tips for gaining followers on Pinterest.

So, here we are going to share some of the proven tips and observed tricks that may help you to get more followers on Pinterest.

Unique Ways To Get More Followers on Pinterest

Firstly you need to know what is Pinterest

Unlike many social media, it is a vast platform where you can upload your files, share them, get likes and earn feedback. Though it is not popular as Facebook and Instagram this platform is literally 100% useful. Now, what’s here that can not be considered on other platforms? Well, you already know that other platforms let you share photos, videos, shorts, and a lot of things, at other places, people like to see you but here people will see your words. This is the major between Pinterest and other handles.

Basically, here you can pin any photo, text, or video and obliviously they are seen by a lot of random users and becomes useful. Here you can repin and like or comment on any pins. Most probably it is a center for the exchange of information. You can notice that many answers to your question in Google are resolved by Pinterest which makes up the top gainer of a user in terms of publishing information on various needs, uses and topics.

Now let’s know some basic information about Pinterest

It was started in January 2010, its headquarters is in the US, and Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, and Evan Sharp led to the foundation of Pinterest. Currently, the users of Pinterest are 440 million people across the globe. Hence you can consider its popularity and response.

Now we will share the tips and tricks via which you can get more followers on Pinterest by following just simple methods.

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A list of 10 Unique methods to get more followers on Pinterest 2023 are as follows

1. Be active mostly on Pinterest

The first mistake that people make is that they upload a few pics or anything and remains inactive for many days. You have to avoid it being regular to the platform.

2. Link to other platforms

The more you are aware, the more you get followers. So, here you need to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest. All the platforms get boosted and the chances of increasing followers will probably increase.

3. Using Hashtag

A hashtag keeps a unique position in everything, it’s the only eye-catching letter and you should use it while making your post. Whenever you pin images, try to add hashtags in your captions. This will result in attracting focus and increasing followers.

4. Linking your profile to your website

Here, try to link your profile to your website if you own one. It’s free nowadays. You can create one and you can link your Pinterest profile to your site so that viewers can follow you on Pinterest too.

5. Use your own images to pin

This method could help you if you keep uploading your lifestyle photos because it would be a different idea than the entire one. It could result in opening your pins and it increases the chances to follow your profile for any visitor.

6. Follow and get followed

This is a very basic or primitive method of gaining followers on either the may platform or Pinterest. You can follow other people so they could follow you back. Be a polite user and try to follow those who are having the least followers which increases the chances of following back to your profile.

7. Repin images

It’s the same as retweeting on Twitter where people retweet another user’s tweet and here on Pinterest it’s quite similar where if you repin anyone’s images then the one who follows that person could see your repin and can follow you.

8. Pinning of best images

It’s non like pinning anything, you will get followers only if you pin exactly that match the user’s question and are also of high quality. This means you should be aware of uploading the right pic of the right size. So, people could find quality inside your account and could follow you up.

9. Tagging other users

It’s similar to tagging that is available on almost all social media handles, here slightly you promote your pin to that person’s followers and by doing such activity the rate of followers could increase incredibly.

10. Always leave comments

Many questions on Pinterest are the same and if any user visits another pin, and if he/she finds comments on every pin, he or would surely follow you. This will describe you as an active user and a smart guy.

So, guys must follow up on these methods which are really going to help you out in reaching a good level of followers. We have stated all the proven and recommended ways, thus must follow all of the above-mentioned methods that are surely going to help you in increasing followers on Pinterest.

Wrapping up

We wish the article is informative to you and you have found the most unique methods of getting more followers on Pinterest. By following all the above methods you can get the most followers, and you can try and see the result in a week. But basically, you need to be active on Pinterest.

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