Top 7 best electric scooters in India (2023)

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Best electric scooters in India: Life today is uneasy without the help of machines. Although these are available for a long time and perhaps since the 19th century, machines made life easy for humans in many forms. Among many, the most helpful term is considered to save time. Yes, machines are most commonly used to multiply friction and save time. In our daily life, we see a lot of machines in action and there are so many of them even owned by every one of us. Such machines can be anything, but machinery like automobiles are termed to be the most common items in any wide category.

So, having an automobile is not a great job, every middle class owns at least one automobile item. But the deal is that in recent times, there had been aroused several mechanisms that had been implemented on automobiles to make them cheaper or costlier but to provide more friction or to save money and time. Such innovation is the electric scooters. Yes, electric scooters are emerging as the primary solution to the growing petrol prices. And considerably, electric scooters are going common these days.

Electric scooters need no further exploration. But in this post, we are going to share something different that is related to electric scooters. Today there is high consumption of petrol and diesel vehicles and due to this, some states had banned old plated vehicles as well as restricted vehicles by introducing odd and even methods of using vehicles. But electric scooters are the best solution to all these in the terms of two-wheelers. And so, we have brought up this article where we are going to state the Top 7 best electric scooters in India (2023). So let’s begin.

Top 7 best electric scooters in India (2023)

1. OLA S1

This is our first pick because OLA is considered to be the best provider of cell automobiles. It is the most valued brand as it had focused on anti-fossil automobiles for the last few years and emerged as the top provider of anti-fossil vehicles. This scooter was the dream project from OLA and accordingly it get responded to.


Starting Price₹84,999
EMI Options₹2,999
Range181 km
Max Speed116km/hr
Battery Capacity
2.97 kWh
Color options 5


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2. Hero electric photon

A classic and effective designed scooter is brought up by the hero. Hero is one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheeler automobiles. Also, it is an Indian company and had gained our trust over it. Hero had also presented a few models of eScooters in the market, among which the Hero Electric Photon is the best variant.

Hero electric photon

Starting Price₹ 86,391
Range108 km
Max Speed45km/hr
Battery Capacity
1.872 kWh
Color options
Mat Black, Beige, Red, Silver

3. Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is also a valuable brand. No sooner than it had launched its e-scooters, bookings emerged to exclude the stock. It has designed its scooter well muscular and bulky. It also implemented the best combo of range and speed that are below.

Ather 450X

Starting Price₹1.33 lakhs
Range181 km
Max Speed80 km/h
Battery Capacity51.1 V 56.75 Ah Lithium Ion
Color optionsWhite, Space Grey, Mint Green

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4. TVS iQube Electric

An all-rounder electric scooter is designed by TVS, one of the best-known two-wheeler manufacturers. It is also known for the hard-built material used in its bikes. Similarly, TVS has designed the all-new iQube e-scooter which is duly in every point.

TVS iQube Electric

Starting Price₹87,691
Range100 km
Max Speed78km/hr
Battery Capacity
52 V Lithium Ion
Color optionsCopper Bronze Glossy, Titanium Grey Glossy

5. Bajaj Chetak Premium

Once again a popular name for Indians is Bajaj. It is best known for manufacturing fuel-efficient bikes as well as sports bikes. Platina and pulsar are the two most popular bikes from the company. Now the company had involved itself to manufacture the best e-scooter and the best one that gets emerged from Bajaj is the all-new Chetak. It is the most capable e-scooter as many cool and effective functions are implemented within the e-scooter.

Bajaj Chetak

Starting Price₹84,999
Range90 km
Max Speed70km/hr
Colour OptionsBrooklyn Black, Hazel Nut, Indigo Metallic, Velluto Rosso


6. Hero electric optima CS

The scooter comes with the choice of a single battery or a double battery. It is one of the most affordable e-scooter that comes with a top acceleration speed of 45 KMPH and a range of 80 kilometers.

Hero electric optima CS

Starting Price₹85,190
EMI OptionsNA
Range80 km
Max Speed45km/hr

7. Ampere Magnus

This is our last pick and the reason behind it is that it does not provide a long range from a single charge, so you need to charge multiple times to cover a long distance. Although it provides a shorter range, it is quite affordable to us. You can go through it if the range does not matter to you.

Ampere Magnus

Starting Price₹77,249
Range121 km
Battery Capacity
60 V / 38.25 Ah
Max Speed45km/hr

Wrapping Up

So friends, in this post we have covered the 7 best electric scooters that are valued for money if you buy today. We have arranged it according to its performance and people’s review. We hope you could find out the best e-scooter from our list.

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