GenYouTube Downloader GenYT Download YouTube Videos Online For Free Legal Or Not?

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GenYouTube: Life today is based digitally on each activity. Nowadays most things have gone digitalized and the vast form of digitalization is smart machinery. Since the 20th century evolved, certain mechanisms had been developed to make our lives easier. Some examples are smartphones, automobiles and AI. All these have lessened the efforts and duration of any particular work that is to be done with human actions.

All such types of work are now more accessible than even they can be done with a single button push. One of the greatest inventions of the era is the smartphone. Yes, smartphones are a major part of our life. Life had evolved in such a way that a person today can’t live without using the internet and most probably the smartphone. Smartphones had changed entire history. And now it would not be wrong to state that people are likely addicted to the use of smartphones.

When talking about smartphones, how can we forget about entertainment? Yes, 70% of smartphones user use to relax by engaging themselves to have entertainment through their smartphones. And the most used platform to entertain people is YouTube. YouTube is the video streaming platform from LLC Google and is one of the most successful platforms to share content and make money.

Hence in this post, today we are going to state an article that is related to the same platform – YouTube.


As you know that YouTube is a video streaming platform and it won’t let you save its video to the internal storage of your phone. Instead, you can download and watch it using the official YouTube application. This system had lead us to create and use such third-party software that overcomes this rule from YouTube. Such types of platforms are the major cause of data breaches and casual hurt. So we are taking out one platform today and going to share the details about it. These days the platform is going highlighted and peoples are densely worried about it. We will share some basic but major problems related to it, just stay till last of this post. Let’s begin.

The platform that we are going to talk about is GenYouTube downloader. In this post, we are going to share the details about the same and cover some of the common and basic questions that get aroused in the mind of people before using it.

What is GenYouTube downloader?

This is a very primitive term to get disclosed. So here we will know about it. As you all know that YouTube doesn’t let us download its videos to our internal storage. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the application. To overcome it, several platforms had been born that fulfill the requirements of the restricted rule.

The GenYouTube downloader is one such platform that is helpful in such a situation. Yes, this is a platform where any person can easily download YouTube videos to the internal storage of the phone. You mustn’t be aware of how does it work and how to use it? So we want to state all these aspects, just keep reading this post.

The GenYouTube downloader is an illegally developed website that is violating the rules of the YouTube community. This website lets you download youtube videos. How does it work, know below.

How does GenYouTube downloader work?

Basically, you need to just go to youtube and click on the video you want to download. Post that open that video and click on the share button and then click on copy link. After that go to the GenYouTube downloader and paste the link. After pasting the link, select the video format and click on download to successfully download the video to your internal storage.

So this was how to use the GenYouTube downloader and how actually it works.

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Formats Supported by GenYouTube Downloads

  • WEMBM – only when downloading from the browser.
  • MP4 – All video players can play this format.
  • M4A – This format is for ringtones and phone sound clippings.
  • 3GP – This format is for older gadgets.
  • MP3 – All music lovers listen to this format.

GenYouTube Alternatives


Advantages of GenYouTube downloader

  • It allows you to download videos of YouTube, which is the leading video-sharing platform
  • It allows you to save the video to your gallery
  • It allows you to download the video at any quality (if the video is uploaded at 4k, you can access it easily)
  • It allows you to download audio too, if you don’t want to download youtube videos, you can just enter the link and choose the audio format to download only audio

So these were the features of the GenYouTube downloader.

GenYouTube downloader is legal or not?

So here comes the most important thing about which we are on this post. As we have mentioned that it violates the rules of YouTube and if you are downloading the videos that are linked from YouTube itself, then you are using them illegally. Although it is illegal there will be no such action against you. But before that, you need to read the terms and conditions of the GenYouTube downloader.

To read the terms and conditions of GenYouTube downloader, CLICK HERE.

Wrapping Up

So friends, here was the post about GenYouTube Downloader GenYT Download YouTube Videos Online For Free Legal Or Not? We hope you must enjoy the post, keep us joined for more interesting posts like this.

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