Best Crypto Exchanges in India

Top 6 Best Crypto Exchanges in India to Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Top 6 Best Crypto Exchanges in India to Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Top 6 Best Crypto Exchanges in India to Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: In the background of a big bull, bitcoin was one of the fastest rising digital assets in late 2020 and early 2021. It gives numerous ways to everyone who wants to generate high incomes online, supported by blockchain, and allowed for trade.

A recent Reserve Bank of India clarification indicating that its 2018 circular prohibiting banks from dealing in “virtual currencies” is illegal and cannot be referenced after being thrown down by the Supreme Court in 2020 has resurrected the Indian crypto sector in the last month. The bitcoin sector hailed the RBI’s comments as an endorsement of the usage of bank accounts for such transactions.

Investors and traders may now utilize the numerous crypto exchanges established by Indian crypto companies to purchase and sell various digital assets available in the market. For a nominal charge, these exchange services convert government-backed money (in India, the rupee) into the cryptocurrency of your choosing, and vice versa when you sell.

There are a variety of cryptocurrencies to select from, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, and TRON, as well as the new Doge and Shiba Inu. Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, have lately been in a bear market as values have fallen due to Bitcoin mine shut down in China and anticipated governmental scrutiny.

Top 6 Best Crypto Exchanges in India to Buy & Sell Bitcoin

1. Binance



Binance’s services to US traders were stopped in 2019, prompting the formation of the US. The exchange caters largely to US investors and supports over 50 cryptocurrencies. It, like Coinbase, provides both individual and institutional investors investment opportunities.

Staking incentives, recurring buys (an automated function that allows you to invest on a predetermined schedule), OTC trading, crypto trading pairings, and Stablecoins are some of the account benefits (assets that are backed by US dollars).

When it comes to staking incentives, you may earn anything from 1 to 10% for holding various crypto assets over time. For example, if you held 20 QTUM, you would receive a 1-2 percent yearly return. If you bought and held at least 0.5 ATOM, on the other hand, you’d be entitled to a 6-9 percent yearly return.

Institutional clients have access to a variety of features on Binance.US. These include real-time market data Websocket feed, a trading API, an OTC trading site, institutional monthly staking incentives, and 24-hour customer assistance.

Highlighted Features:

  • P2P method working very good
  • Lots of coins are listed here
  • Having stacking facility
  • Trending Fee is low by using BUSDT pair, sometimes no trending fee is required.

2. CoinDCX: Trading App For Advanced Traders: CoinDCX Pro


CoinDCX was created with the user’s experience and security in mind, offering zero-fee fast fiat to crypto conversions so that users may access a wide range of financial goods and services backed by industry-leading security and insurance protection.

CoinDCX is India’s only cryptocurrency business to have raised three rounds of financing in less than a year. It has raised $19 million in total.

In 2020-21, the firm increased its staff from 30 to 100. By the end of 2021, it hopes to have doubled its staff. Between 2018 and 2020, it also launched its own product, Insta, which facilitates fiat-crypto buying and selling and had a month-on-month increase of over 38 percent.



Highlighted Features:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Over 200+ Cryptocurrencies
  • Trading Fee as low as 0.1%
  • Free deposits and withdrawals

3. CoinSwitch: Bitcoin, Crypto Trading Exchange India

CoinSwitch: Bitcoin, Crypto Trading Exchange India
CoinSwitch: Bitcoin, Crypto Trading Exchange India

The company was founded in 2017 by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni (CTO), and Vimal Sagar (COO) as a worldwide aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges, with over 300 currencies and 45,000 currency pairs.

Since January, the business claims to have seen a 350 percent increase in its user base. In India, the platform currently has over 4.5 million users and processed $5 billion in transactions in March 2021, just ten months after its inception. In recent year analyst say it can bump 10 million users

The Bengaluru-based firm secured $25 million in a Series B investment from Tiger Global Management in April 2021, valuing it at around $500 million. CoinSwitch Kuber has previously kept $15 million in Part. One of the best Best Crypto Exchanges in India.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports over 300 cryptocurrencies
  • Buy 100+ crypto coins with INR.
  • Common modes of payment like UPI and bank transfer
  • Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

4. WazirX – Bitcoin, Crypto Trading Exchange India


WazirX - Bitcoin, Crypto Trading Exchange India
WazirX – Bitcoin, Crypto Trading Exchange India

WazirX is a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange with over 1 million customers, founded in 2017 by Nischal Shetty (CEO), Siddharth Menon (COO), and Sameer Mhatre.

Individuals may develop digital assets by purchasing, selling, or investing in crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others, according to the Mumbai-based firm.

WazirX’s Smart Token Fund also assists crypto investors in locating professional traders and allowing them to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very trusted, owned by Binance
  • Trade 100+ tokens in high liquidity,
  • Integration with Binance
  • Instant Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Low Withdrawal Fee


5. ZebPay: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange

ZebPay: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange
ZebPay: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Singapore-based business, which was founded in 2014, has had a rocky road in a predominantly cash-based India. After a few product modifications, management changes, and local regulatory difficulties, Zebpay relaunched in January 2020, just ahead of the Supreme Court’s judgment on the RBI’s two-year prohibition on cryptocurrencies.

Sandeep Goenka, Saurabh Agrawal, and Mahin Gupta founded ZebPay, which now operates in 162 countries and has handled $3 billion in transactions for more than 3.5 million customers, virtually all of them are from India.

The company has offices in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, and its staff has grown from 50 to 110 employees.

Since April 2020, the platform promises to be profitable. It is now concentrating on developing referral systems, rewards, and membership programs similar to those offered by AMEX for users.

Key Highlights:

  • A modern and polished app interface
  • Instantly buy and sell
  • 0% FIAT Deposit & Withdrawal Fee, 0% Crypto Deposit Fee
  • Advanced Platform Security

6. UnoCoin


Unocoin was India’s first Bitcoin which was apparently founded in 2013, January. Customers may buy, sell, and deal in Bitcoin and Ethereum through the Bengaluru-based firm.

In October 2020, the platform secured an unknown sum as part of its continuing Series A financing from investors such as Tim Draper. It has around 13 lakh subscribers, at least three lakh of them are KYC-verified. Unocoin says that their annual revenue is in the hundreds of crores.

Key Highlights:

  • India’s oldest Crypto exchange
  • OTC & SBP features
  • Earn interest against USDT fixed deposit
  • Instant INR deposit and withdrawal option

Wrapping Up- Best Crypto Exchanges in India to Buy & Sell Bitcoin and AltCoins

All of the Exchanges discussed in the preceding post conclude in great depth whether which one you trust and use for your purposes, however, we believe it is preferable to learn more and conduct an additional study before utilizing any.

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