CoinDCX App: How to Use, Refer, Buy and Sell Crypto, and Withdraw Money

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CoinDCX App: CoinDCX app which is going popular day by day, is a trading app that has the simplest app interface and is very good for beginners and those who are actually new to cryptocurrencies, and who’d like to invest in cryptocurrency.

It has a simple interface and layout and almost all of the prominent cryptocurrencies are featured here. And there are a lot of people who have problems or may be new to the investing world and searching for a way how to use this app, so in this article, we will know as well as understand the basic features and how to use this app as well as we will also learn that how can we earn by even referring this app to friends or to social media.

Also, how can we buy stocks or sell stocks and how can you input the money as well as how can you withdraw the money and what’s the minimum threshold to withdraw the money? The CoinDCX app is so easy that the first time you will open it, you can get a little bit of a hint. So follow this article to understand more nicely.

CoinDCX App: How To Download

So here is how will you start, download this app for both operating systems for android and Ios

Important Requirements for Registration and Start Trending

Ok, now after downloading this app you have to open this app and you will ask the following formalities:

  • Name (According To Pan Card)
  • A Valid & Active E-Mail Id
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Your Bank Account Number
  • Your Bank’s Ifsc Code

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Step by step Procedure to install & and Start Trending in CoinDCX App

Now perform the following steps to install & and Start Trending in CoinDCX App
Step 1. After you open the app tap on sign up with email. Remember that you need an active email id as you will have an OTP after registering your email id in this app. Then verify your email id.

CoinDCX App

Step 2. Now in the next step, you will be asked to enter your name according to the pan card as well as an email and password, fill it and recheck whether the details are right or mistaken.


Step 3. The next step is that you click on the continue button and enter your mobile number, and once you enter, great your account had been created.


Step 2. Now after you have created an account, It’s not sufficient, if you want to earn you need to add money to the app and invest in cryptocurrencies and when you will earn you may withdraw easily, that step is waiting for you forward but first learn how to add money.

Coin DCX: Add Bank

To add money or withdraw in any investment world you need of course a bank account, so when you will tap add money, you will be redirected to the page written add bank. So you need not need to hesitate this is a trusted app with over 6M downloads, so connect your bank account to add or withdraw money easily.

KYC Steps in CoinDCX

And if you want to perform a greater amount of investment you need to complete KYC, its feature is that it allows the user access to deposit or withdraw money over 10,000₹ at a time, and in order to complete your KYC you need the following documents.

  • Your Photo
  • Aadhar Card/Passport
  • Pan Card

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CoinDCX App: How to Deposit Money

After you have completed your KYC now you need to learn how to deposit money. Terms to remember before depositing money:

  • It is required to fill in your bank details correctly so that the amount of deposit or withdrawal may be made correctly.
  • You need to put money into CoinDCX wallet to buy any crypto, and you can put money by UPI or Mobikwik app.
  • Note that the minimum threshold of depositing money to the wallet is ₹500 if choose UPI.

Steps to Add Funds to the wallet

Now see the following steps, on how to add funds to the wallet.

  • Go To The Account Section
  • At Most Of The Top There Is An Wallet And Wallet Balance, Tap On It.
  • Now Click On Add Funds.
  • Now Add The Fund From Your UPI And Check The Balance In Your Wallet In The Account Section.

Now the first basic knowledge of creating an account, adding bank, KYC, and adding funds has been detailed and explained, If any problem then swipes up and re-read the article.

CoinDCX App: How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin / Crypto

Now in the next section, we will tell you, how to use this app to buy and sell cryptocurrencies just for example ‘Bitcoin’.

  • First of all, go to the price section.
  • Now select Bitcoin
  • There the current price of Bitcoin would be shown with the option to buy it.
  • Tap on the buy icon, now you have to enter the amount in rupees that how much you want to buy the Bitcoin, and now an interface will appear showing the conversion rate of Bitcoin in rupees. (minimum ₹10)
  • And finally, tap buy and the amount will be deducted from your wallet for the entered amount.
  • And similarly, if you think the rate of Bitcoin will go down you can sell it.
  • If learning about how to buy Bitcoin, now learn instead of buying, how can you sell it, you have to go to the price section and click on Bitcoin. You can here directly sell by tapping the sell button but we recommend that first, you view the chart that in the previous day’s, how had the Bitcoin performed and after this process put the amount you want to sell the bitcoin for, and then tap sell, and the amount will deduct from your wallet to sell the amount that you have chosen.

Now Above Steps Are About How To Use, Buy And Sell Cryptos.


CoinDCX App: How to Withdraw

Now you would learn how you can withdraw money that you have made by making a profit after buying or selling CRYPTOs.

  • The process of withdrawal includes transferring money from your CoinDcx wallet to your bank account. And the minimum amount of withdrawal is ₹500 and the maximum 10,000(without KYC).

To Withdraw Money:

  • Go to your profile section then go to your wallet, here you can see adding funds and withdrawing funds options to the bank account.
  • You can select a particular amount or a minimum of ₹500 or more
  • Now submit the details asked, enter the OTP that is sent to your mobile number or Gmail id, and now you can withdraw easily.

Ok, Now You Have Learnt Everything Now Hope You Can Start Trading.

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CoinDCX: Bitcoin Investment App Referral Program

Let Me Tell You There Is An Way Through Which You Can Earn Some Bonus, ‘Refer’.

Yes, CoinDcx features a referral program that offers a massive referral amount i.e. $25. (Note-to get bonus chest, the user who had used your referral code shall create an account on CoinDcx all and he/she should at least trade for 5 BTC or above.)

Follow the steps below to earn the bonus for referring to your friend, family, or anyone.

  • Go to profile section followed by invite & earn.
  • From there tap on the copy link option or directly you can share on WhatsApp.
  • And other than WhatsApp share anywhere.

Ok, finally you have learned everything the basics of the app.

CoinDCX App: Highlighted Features

Now let us tell you the important features of this app.

  • One of the features unlike some other alternate apps is that you can check live prices of currencies anytime. Go to the price section, and then click on the crypto and go have the price chart and so on you can check live price and also the past prices of days, weeks etc.
  • The second feature is that you can set a price alert, this feature will notify you if you set a particular price to be notified.
  • Creating watchlists is going on common these days but this feature makes an investing app nice, you can create a watchlist of your favorite or selected CRYPTOs.
  • Checking the investments, you can even check your history in my investment section, how many coins you have purchased, the profits, and the losses.

So these all were the steps, guides, and features that make the CoinDcx app important and easy for others.

(NOTE- Investment can result in even loss so use perfectly and try to invest your regretted money.)


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Wrapping Up- CoinDCX App

CoinDcx app provides a cooler and easier interface with a lot of features and an easy and user-friendly money-accessible system. So we hope that you have better-gained knowledge about this app and how to invest buy and sell also how to refer and earn some bonus. Stay tuned for upcoming crypto news and articles.

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