How to Easily Create Contact Us Page in WordPress

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How to Easily Create Contact Us Page in WordPress: Creating a Contact Us form is on contact us page very important for a professional blog. The contact us page can help visitors or brands contact the blog owner for anything related to this website like advertising, queries, gadget reviews, or any suggestions.

Creating a Contact Us page on WordPress is very easy by using a Contact Us plugin. You don’t need any coding knowledge.

Create Contact Us Page in WordPress
Create Contact Us Page in WordPress

Steps to Easily Create a Contact Us Page in WordPress

Step 1: On the WordPress dashboard go to the plugin section, and click on add a new plugin.

Step 2: Find a plugin called Ninja Forms and install & activate it.

Step 3: Create your contact form Ninja Forms

Step 4: Adding this form to your Contact Us page

Step 5: Now let’s test the contact form. To check whether it’s working or not go to your Contact Us page, add your name, email, and message & click submit. Open the page with the contact form. Immediately, you will get an email to the email address you selected while creating the WordPress website.

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