Digital Health ID: What Is It? How To Register?

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Digital health Id: Digital health I’d is termed the digital health identity of any individual. As you know that paying bills to book a flight ticket had gone digital these days.

So, how can the health department be restful? The major factor to work digitally matters our health, so our wellness is the major priority in any work.

Our India has generated such a network that is excellent if compared before 10 years. You will get to know all about Digital health id in this post and hence be with us and understand the word, use, and way of registration.

Almost there is an organization launched by a central government is Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) or National Digital Health Mission (NDHM). This is a directory that is responsible for generating Digital Health Id (DHID).

The architect of DHID is RS Sharma and the organization runs under the central government of India.


Digital Health ID
Digital Health ID


What is the principle of DHID?

Basically, you can understand this term via the example of an adhaar card, it possesses the same information that belongs to you and it helps store your information safely under UIDAI.

So this ID is also the same as that one. But this ID will retain your data related to your health and under any survey, it would be collected easily. And not only u de survey, while you would be hospitalized for any reason, but you can also easily access your health data.

Find out more below about its further benefits and uses. So the main objective of DHID is to keep your health record connected over a network and you.


What is Digital Health ID Card?

It is the card that possesses your health identification digitally. It would store the cardholder’s health data and can be accessed while it’s used.


What is it?

It is a 14-digit numeric code that is randomly generated and registered for each cardholder. It can be used to utilize cardholder’s medical stage, and health and could be easily accessed by specific systems and approved individuals or institutes.

Till here you would totally have understood the DHID, so let’s move forward to how to get registered for it and also read the merits of having this card.


How to register for Digital Health ID?

For newbie registration of DHID, you have 3 options, apart from which choose one suitable to you. These are as follows

  • DHID website
  • NDHM health records mobile application
  • Via participating in various health facilities in hospitals or wellness centers.

You can choose any of the above but we would like to give a tutorial on the official website for new registration.

  1. Visit NDHM’s official website through your browser or click on the link below
  1. Tap on “Generate via Aadhaar” and further enter your adhaar number on the next page.
  2. Fill the boxes of your agreement and ReCaptcha and further continue your progress by clicking submit
  3. You will receive an OTP via UIDAI, fill it out on the next page of the browser.
  4. Now, this is a very important step, as here you need to enter your personal details and especially those related to your health, so fill well and recheck it.
  5. Create a username and password that will be used to access your ID, and finally submit it and chill, your information has been placed to be entered in your ID, and soon it will be generated.
  6. Now you can access it via logging in to the website with your latest created username and password
  7. You can download your ID from here and keep it for future use.

So this was the process and you can self proceed with it quickly. This was a tutorial based on adhaar and if you want to generate a new ID via your driving license, you can choose and similarly, you have to fill in similar details, but the difference is only that instead for the documentary proof of adhaar, you would be asked to enter your license details.


Benefits of having a DHID

  • The first-ever benefit of having a DHID is being free from carrying documents and searching for any particular paper.
  • Secondly, you will have an option to connect DHID with physical health records (PHR).
  • There are so many Digi doctors who neglect physical documents and they accept digital formats so here DHID would be useful.
  • Easiest way ever to register here as only aadhar related details are mandatory here.

We think everything is cleared up here and DHID is simplified.


Wrapping Up

Today we explained the Digital health id and its registration process and discussed its benefits and the introductory part is mentioned at the earliest. Hopefully, this article would be useful to you, so stay tuned for similar updates.


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