Tom Parker, the Wanted Singer, Dies of Brain Cancer at 33

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Tom Parker, the Wanted Singer, Dies of Brain Cancer at 33

Tom Parker, the lead singer of the chart-topping rock band the Wanted, died Monday morning after a two-year battle with brain cancer, according to TMZ and other sources close to him. He was 33 years old at the time of his death. No cause of death has been given at this time, but TMZ reports that he passed away peacefully in his sleep in Los Angeles, CA.

Tom Parker, the Wanted Singer, Dies of Brain Cancer at 33
Tom Parker, the Wanted Singer, Dies of Brain Cancer at 33

His last appearance on stage

The Glad You Came singer’s final show was held on Thursday night at The Haven, a nightclub in Halmstad, Sweden. The news of his death emerged hours later via posts on Twitter by his girlfriend and bandmates. Not only were they shocked to hear of his death, but they also didn’t know that he had been battling brain cancer—something he never wanted them to know about.

According to fellow members Nathan Sykes and Max George said that they had no idea how bad things were between Tom and his wife. It is suspected that they knew what was going on with him because Tom didn’t want people to feel sorry for him. He didn’t want people to see him as someone who couldn’t handle their problems alone. He always thought that it would be better if he kept it all inside rather than tell anyone about it. His friends and family are now mourning his loss but are also happy that he isn’t suffering anymore from his illness. He will be greatly missed by everyone who loved him.



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His Impact on Music History

Mr. Parker was once one-fifth of a five-man English boy band called The Wanted. The group performed across Europe and in 2011 became popular enough to win a Billboard award for Breakthrough Artist Group. Their first studio album went platinum in America; their hit Glad You Came made it into Billboard’s top 10 and received praise from stars like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Mr. Parker sang lead vocals on several tracks on that album, including All Time Low and I Found You.

He also wrote or co-wrote several songs for The Wanted, including Chasing the Sun and Heart Vacancy. In 2012, he won another Billboard award for Top Hot 100 Song with I Found You. He left The Wanted after releasing their second album in 2013. Later that year he announced he had been diagnosed with brain cancer and would be taking time off to undergo treatment. In 2014, doctors told him his cancer had spread throughout his body and gave him six months to live. This past weekend he died peacefully at home surrounded by family members and friends.


The Last Tweet

Tom’s last tweet was on March 21. It read: “This is not a book about dying: it’s a book about living. It’s a book about finding hope in whatever situation you’re dealt, and living your best life no matter what. It’s HOPE my autobiography publishing July 21st. Pre order your copy now!”


His Legacy

Fans grieve for singer Tom Parker, who is known for his hit song You Know I’m No Good. On June 18th, 2017, music lost one of its brightest stars with the death of Tom Parker. The talented musician leaves behind a colorful legacy and two Grammy Awards. He spent most of his life writing and singing music; fans say he will be remembered as a kind soul and a loyal friend. A memorial service was held on July 21st in Central Park in New York City.

Thousands attended to pay their respects to Tom Parker, including his bandmates Nathan Sykes and Max George. As a final tribute to their late friend, all proceeds from ticket sales were donated to cancer research organizations across America. We want to thank everyone for coming out today. We just want you guys to know that we love you so much, said George during his eulogy. And we miss him every day too. But it’s comforting to know that he is in a better place now. Thank you again for being here today. Thank you so much.


The Wanted

The British boy band The Wanted went on hiatus in 2014 and members Nathan Sykes and Tom Parker launched solo careers. Both were in their 20s and early 30s when they died from cancer. Sykes passed away in February 2016, two months after announcing his brain tumor diagnosis; he was 22 years old. Thirty-year-old Parker died just months later due to complications with a malignant brain tumor diagnosed in 2015. Despite his death, it’s believed that he continued writing music that could be released sometime next year. In a sad coincidence, Zayn Malik—another member of The Wanted—was born on December 12th, 1993 – exactly 21 years before Tom Parker’s death date.

The rest of The Wanted has not spoken out about either musician’s passing. Since news broke, fans have expressed outrage over how these young stars died without getting proper treatment for their symptoms or even being given time to enjoy life outside of their medical struggles. Many have criticized modern medicine for taking too long to diagnose them and some believe that stress caused by fame contributed to these musicians’ deaths. Other musicians have taken inspiration from these stars’ lives and deaths as well: OneRepublic dedicated If I Lose Myself off 2013’s Native album as a tribute song for both men.

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