Top 6 Free Blogger Templates For Job Websites

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Free Blogger Templates For Job Websites: On the net, you can find a large number of suggestions on how to download premium Blogger themes for free or how to get hacked into Blogger themes. We strongly resist the use of such options. Such themes are open source and can be used by scammers. This can crash your site and cause spam. Moreover, in this way you can introduce a virus or open access to the site for everyone.

Important! The safest way to download Blogger themes is from the template library. This is where the best free Blogger themes are presented. It is worth noting that almost all free Blogger themes are the product of foreign developers.

Free Blogger Templates For Job Websites
Free Blogger Templates For Job Websites

We have prepared for you a list of the 6 best templates for your job website. Each theme is presented in the format of demos, that is, ready-made templates. In free versions, all or part of the settings may be available. With the help of demo options, you can change the layout of the site or insert your own content.

Have a look at our list below

The 6 best blogger themes for job portal websites are:

  1. Piki Job Alert Blogger Template
  2. Best Result Blogger Template
  3. PKM Jobs Blogger Template
  4. Sora Jobs Blogger Template
  5. Jobs Template for Job Website
  6. InJobs Blogger Job Template

1. Piki Job Alert Blogger Template

One of the topmost templates for your job website can be the Piki Job Alert blogger template. We had kept in our list at the top, because there is a reason, that it is most tidy and in actual its interface is also too clean and tidy, it provides the user a completely satisfying experience. Here you can create multiple sections where you can include every mini part or subpart related to your job, which makes this template unique over others.

Piki Job Alert Blogger Template
Piki Job Alert Blogger Template

Features of Piki Job Alert Blogger Template:

  • It provides tables and columns both to arrange items
  • Smaller in size, resulting in fast loading template
  • It is proved as AdSense friendly
  • It has a responsive Design
  • Compatible with the phone also
  • It offers a custom 404 Page redirect


Download Piki Job Alert Blogger Template


2. Best Result Blogger Template

It is also considered the best job portal blog template for those who need a cool and attractive design to insert to their blog. Best Result Template Design is classical in design and it has all the features that are required to set up a job portal website in blogger. It provides customizing of a wide range of features from your dashboard.

Best Result Blogger Template
Best Result Blogger Template

Features of Best Result Blogger Template for Job Website

  • It assures a 100% fully responsive theme
  • Compatible to smartphone
  • Lower loading time
  • Multicolor for website decoration
  • Can enable Whatsapp Sharing
  • It provides Seo Friendly Design


Download Best Result Blogger Template


3. PKM Jobs Blogger Template

If you are in search of a blogger template that is much similar to the website then you can make an unseen choice of PKM Jobs Blogger theme. It is as much similar to, which seems so cool and attractive. Once you start using this one, you would start loving it. The most important feature in this template Is that in your smartphone you can also customize the desktop view.

PKM Jobs Blogger Template
PKM Jobs Blogger Template

Features of PKM Jobs Blogger Template

  • Contains Ads ready blogger templates
  • A premium feature, consist is Meta Tags support
  • It has a loading time
  • Fully smartphone-optimized template
  • Contains Google Testing Tool Validator
  • It also has a WhatsApp Sharing option
  • Contains Down Menu option
  • Compatible with every browser.


Download PKM Jobs Blogger Template


4. Sora Jobs Blogger Template

A perfect template for creating a look poses job, scholarships, education, or a news portal. A minimalistic design is featured by Sora Jobs blogger template & they have also cared for the modern looks. Moreover providing this many features, it is opted to be compatible with smartphones, which are the first concern before referring to any template in WordPress. The only reason to recommend this template to the lower side is that the sidebar of desktop view in smartphone does not appear and hence it is a troubleshooting part of this template, but another way, it is a perfect template.

Sora Jobs Blogger Template
Sora Jobs Blogger Template

Features of Sora Jobs Blogger Template for Job Website

  • It is extremely Responsive
  • A built SEO algorithm is present in this template.
  • It provides custom 404 Page redirection
  • It provides faster loading speed
  • It provides features like Generic Browser Compatibility


Download Sora Jobs Blogger Template


5. Textrim blogger – job template

Textrim Jobs blogger template, this can also be considered because this template is only made for job website holdings and almost it provides every feature from tables to sections where you can arrange your contents according to a and divide into the categories, you want. It is a multipurpose template. It gains a modern look when the search engine option appears on the homepage.

Textrim blogger - job template
Textrim blogger – job template

Features of Jobs Template

  • It is quite responsive
  • It is optimized with a search directory
  • It provides Loading
  • It is also SEO Friendly template


Download Sora Jobs Blogger Template


6. InJobs Blogger Job Template

Our last contribution is the InJob blogger template which is one of the demanded job pattern layouts for bloggers. It is similar to the Sora template but has a different layout. It supports multiple niche blogs also, where you can insert your content without any fault.

InJobs Blogger Job Template
InJobs Blogger Job Template

Features of Injobs Blogger Job Template

  • It is extremely responsive
  • It is mobile friendly
  • It is also SEO friendly
  • It is optimized for the ads ready.


Download InJobs Blogger Job Template


Wrapping Up

So, here we are at the end of our article, we have provided six different themes or templates that you can use for your job website. We have handpicked these templates for you thus we are ending up and hopefully, this article was as per your expectation.

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