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BlackPink Gaming

What’s the Free Fire ID of Miss Diya? BlackPink Gaming’s in-game stats, monthly income and more details

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What’s the Free Fire ID of Miss Diya? BlackPink Gaming’s in-game stats, monthly income, and more details

Who is Miss Diya?: Diya Hazarika, often known as Miss Diya or BlackPink Gaming, is a well-known Indian Free Fire content maker and YouTube broadcaster. She has 1.19 million subscribers and has had over 77 million views. In addition, the player has launched a new Miss Diya Live channel, which now has 21.3k subscribers.

BlackPink Gaming
BlackPink Gaming

What is Miss Diya’s Free Fire ID and statistics?

558477413 is Miss Diya’s Free Fire ID.

The following are the player’s stats as of September 21, 2021:

Lifetime stats

Miss iya has eliminated more than 28001 opponents in the squad games. (Image via Free Fire)
In squad games, Miss Diya has defeated over 28001 opponents. (Photo courtesy of Free Fire)


Miss Diya has played in 11205 squad matches, 2505 of which she has won. It all adds up to a 22.35 percent victory rate. She has defeated 28001 adversaries in these games, resulting in a K/D ratio of 3.22.

The YouTuber has participated in 11399 pair matches and has won 1968 of them, giving him a victory percentage of 17.26 percent. BlackPink Gaming has 28710 kills with a kill-to-death ratio of 3.04.

Too far, she has played 6147 single games and defeated his opponents 641 times, resulting in a victory ratio of 10.42 percent. BlackPink Gaming has 13217 frags while maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.40.

Ranked stats

Miss Diya has over 1k frags in the squad matches (Image via Free Fire)
In squad matches, Miss Diya has over 1k frags (Image via Free Fire)

In 236 squad games, BlackPink Gaming has 93 Booyahs and a victory rate of 39.40 percent. Miss Diya has amassed 1028 frags and maintains a K/D of 7.19.

She has won 13 of the 59 pair matches she has played, giving her a 22.03 percent victory percentage. The content creator has 115 kills to her credit, with a K/D ratio of 2.50.

Miss Diya has competed in two rated solo games, winning one of them, for a winning percentage of 50%. She has eight kills and an eight-to-one kill-to-death ratio.

Monthly income

MissDiya is expected to make between $511 and $8.2K per month from the BlackPink Gaming YouTube channel, according to Social Blade. The annual revenue is projected to be between $6.1K to $98.2K.

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Wrapping up – BlackPink Gaming’s in-game stats, monthly income, and more details

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