Top 5 Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugins for Amazon Associates

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Top 5 Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate
Plugins for Amazon Associates

Are you looking for the finest Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress?

Amazon Affiliates, Amazon’s renowned affiliate network, is a wonderful method to monetize specialty or product review sites. Because Amazon is such a popular affiliate program, there are a number of WordPress plugins that can help you insert Amazon affiliate links, maintain your pricing and product data up to date using the Amazon Associates API, build product comparison tables, and more.

In this piece, I’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates to help you generate more money, stay compliant with the Amazon Associates terms of service, and deal with your Amazon affiliate material more efficiently.

List of top 5  WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates

1. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder
WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a WordPress table plugin that allows you to construct beautiful, conversion-optimized tables for your Amazon affiliate website.

The plugin contains everything you need to effectively advertise your Amazon affiliate items. It’s simple and uncomplicated to make a product comparison table and a product list. Text, Image, List, Button, and Star Rating are the five components included in the WP Table Builder. This means you may customize the tables you made using WP Table Builder by adding text, photos, a list, a CTA button, and a star rating.

The WP Table Builder plugin offers you total control over all areas of the design and modification of your table. It has a powerful cell management function that lets you add, combine, and divide cells.

The nicest feature of WP Table Builder is that it has a drag-and-drop table creation interface that makes creating beautiful Amazon product tables a breeze. Furthermore, the plugin uses shortcodes to allow you to place tables wherever on your website.

Pricing: This plugin is available for free on For one website, the pro version starts at $39 per year.



The finest WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates is AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin). The plugin is a one-stop shop for putting Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress site and measuring their performance. The AAWP plugin includes both basic and sophisticated capabilities to assist you in efficiently promoting Amazon affiliate items.

Add hypertext links to your articles, comparison tables, product boxes links, widgets links, and so forth using the AAWP plugin. The best aspect is that the AAWP plugin includes affiliate link geotargeting. When a consumer clicks on one of your affiliate links, they will be immediately sent to Amazon’s country-level domains.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of the AAWP affiliate plugins.

Text Links: Text links allow you to include particular product names in your article. The appropriate connections and output names are mostly created automatically as well. Furthermore, the product name can be manually overwritten.

Single and Multiple Product Boxes: You may use the AAWP plugin to add a single or multiple product box to your posts or pages. The plugin includes shortcodes for displaying one or more beautiful product boxes.

Comparison Tables: You may simply compare various items using the AAWP plugin by including a comparison table in your text. You may also change the appearance and feel to make it more interesting and appealing.

Widgets: The plugin includes powerful widgets that let you add Amazon affiliate items to any page on your affiliate website. Additionally, the plugin provides complete customization flexibility, allowing you to modify the designs and content.

The nicest aspect of the AAWP plugin is that it automatically refreshes all of your goods, pricing, and discounts, ensuring that your listing is always up to date. You can also customize the appearance and feel of your website by selecting from a variety of design options and adding your own custom design styles.

Pricing: The single site license is $42 per year and includes one year of customer support as well as plugin upgrades.

3. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks
Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks isn’t specifically designed for Amazon affiliates; rather, it’s a must-have for bloggers and marketers. It enhances the new WordPress Block Editor’s capabilities to make your content stand out.

It contains 18 Gutenberg blocks that will assist you in making your blog articles more conversion-friendly. Let’s have a look at what the Ultimate Blocks plugin can accomplish.

Table of Contents: If you’re writing long-form material or in-depth blog entries, a table of contents is a good idea. It will assist your readers in getting to the point of their interest. It also aids SEO because Google displays a table of contents links in the SERPs.

Review Box: You may add a review box to your blog articles using the schema-enabled ‘Review’ block. It has a call-to-action button to assist you in increasing sales.

‘Buy On Amazon’ Button: The ‘Button (Improved)’ block allows you to construct ‘Buy On Amazon’ buttons with brand color and icon.

Product Box: The Styled Box, Column (default), and Button (Improved) blocks may be used to build Amazon Product Boxes.

Star Rating: The ‘Star Rating’ box allows you to provide a rating of 5 or 10 stars. It may be used to rate items.

Pros & Cons Box: Styled Box, Column, and Styled List blocks may be used to make ‘Pros & Cons’ boxes.

Other helpful blocks include picture sliders, content toggles, tabbed content, and click to tweet, among others.

Pricing: It’s a completely free plugin.

4. AzonPress


AzonPress is a strong Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that is simple to use. The AzonPress plugin offers an easy-to-use interface that makes managing your Amazon affiliate website a breeze. The plugin has a two-step installation process, following which you’ll be able to handle all elements of the AzonPress plugin.

Comparison Tables: You may use the AzonPress plugin to create beautiful product comparison tables for your articles and pages. In the comparison tables, you build, you may include affiliate links as well as call to action buttons. The comparison tables you provide in your articles and pages are mobile-friendly.

Products Showcase: The plugins allow you to create a beautiful product showcase box that includes product information, photos, ratings, reviews, and affiliate links. AzonPress makes use of data from the Amazon API, which complies with all Amazon rules.

Geo-targeting: The plugin features a powerful geotargeting function that allows you to quickly redirect your users to the Amazon site for their specific country. The features assist you in increasing the number of conversions from your affiliate links.

Buttons For Call To Action: The plugin has a strong call to action function, often known as a button. With this plugin, you can quickly add CTA to the comparison tables or product tables you build.

It also has a number of other handy features. User-friendly, 24/7 customer support, adjustable layouts, shortcode support, precise tracking, and so forth.

Overall, AzonPress is the finest option if you’re searching for a dependable Amazon affiliate plugin.

Pricing: AzonPress Pro’s single website license costs $39, while the Agency License costs $79 for up to 20 websites.

5. WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate)

WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate)
WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate)

WZone is a powerful Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. WZone is the dependable plugin for adding affiliate connections to your WooCommerce store if you have a WooCommerce based Amazon affiliate website.

With the WZone plugin, you can choose goods from the Amazon marketplace and promote them to your WooCommerce store with a single click. The plugin allows you to automatically add goods to your WooCommerce store based on a term you provide.

When a visitor first arrives on your website, they will see the items in your store, but when they click the buy button, they will be sent to the Amazon site. The best feature is that you can use affiliate links to promote items on your WooCommerce store.

Furthermore, the WZone takes advantage of Amazon’s API key to make it simple to maintain your WooCommerce product listings up to date. The plugin also provides an in-depth report that you can use to monitor your sales dashboard and make sure you’re on track to fulfill your marketing and sales objectives.

To summarize, the WZone plugin is worth a try if you have a WooCommerce site that sells Amazon items.

Pricing: WZone’s basic package for a single site starts at $49 per month. This package contains all of WZone’s premium features.

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