Top 10+ Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

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Top 10+ Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins: Images may enhance your site’s user experience, elevate your brand, and provide additional materials for advertising. Unnecessarily huge images, on the other hand, might slow down website load times, harming your SEO and frustrating your users.

By optimizing your photographs, you may avoid these problems and take advantage of all the advantages that images have to offer.

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This is accomplished by lowering the size of images and altering the way your site handles picture loading. If done manually, the process can take a long time, but WordPress users can use image optimizer WordPress plugins to speed up the process.

So, in this article, we will discuss the top 10 best WP Image OptimizationPlugins.

Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins
Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

List of Top 10+ Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

1. WebP Converter for Media (This is a 100% free plugin)

WebP graphics can help your website load faster. You can save nearly half the page weight by substituting typical JPEG, PNG, and GIF assets with WebP ones without sacrificing quality.

After you’ve installed the plugin, there’s nothing further you need to do. The photos you currently have will be converted to a new format. When the photographs are compressed, users will receive new images that are substantially lighter than the originals.

More than 90% of people now use browsers that support the WebP format. The weight of your website has a significant impact on its loading time. With convert WebP, you can now easily speed up your video in a matter of seconds!

This will benefit both your users, who will be able to download fewer data and your server, which will be less overburdened. Keep in mind that having a better-optimized website has an impact on your Google ranking.


2. Smush

The most popular image optimization plugin for WordPress is Smush. It uses lossless compression (which means the image file’s quality is preserved) to decrease the size of your images by up to 5 MB, either individually or in bulk. Other steps, such as lazy loading and auto-resizing, are taken to improve page performance.

Smush is a simple plugin for newbies. If you install this plugin on an existing site, you only need to activate it by going to the plugin’s settings. It will then optimize all of your current pictures. As long as the plugin is installed, all new pictures you submit will be automatically optimized.

Smush’s free version and its premium partner, Smush Pro, are good all-around solutions for most WordPress users who want to compress their pictures but don’t have the time to do so manually. Smush Pro ($6 per month) compresses files considerably more than the free version while also removing file size limitations (the free version restricts you to images under 1 MB).


3. Optimus

If bandwidth is an issue, Optimus can reduce the size of uploaded WordPress pictures by up to 70%. This is accomplished by sending picture files to the Optimus server, which then returns new, reduced versions for use on your site. This compression is lossless, therefore the image quality will not be affected. It also eliminates the need for you to compress the pictures on your own server.

Optimus is a hands-off application that processes pictures as they are uploaded to your WordPress site, increasing page performance without requiring any work from you. If you like, you may turn off the automated optimization.

Optimus provides two premium versions in addition to the free version: Optimus HQ ($29 per year) and Optimus HQ Pro ($149 per year). HTTPS connection to the Optimus compression server, WebP image conversion, and access to the developer API are all included in both premium editions. Because it includes a license for all client sites, Optimus HQ Pro is excellent for people who manage many sites.

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4. Imagify

Imagify, like some of the other choices listed, compresses both freshly uploaded and existing pictures in your WordPress media folder. Everything is automated, which saves you time and improves your workflow.

Imagify’s three optimization levels, which you can select in the plugin settings, are a standout feature. For the smallest picture files with the lowest image quality, there are three options: lossless compression, lossy compression, and heavy lossy compression. This offers you more control over the file size and quality.

Imagify works with WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, and other popular plugins, making it suitable for sites with a large number of images to compress. Imagify also includes a backup feature that allows you to restore the original version at any moment and start over.


5. EWWW Image Optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin, like our first two choices, optimizes pictures as you submit them to your site and also allows you to optimize previously uploaded JPG files individually or in bulk. Lossless compression is utilized by EWWW.

EWWW, on the other hand, has a few additional distinguishing characteristics. You won’t have to worry about huge, uncompressed photos because the plugin allows for limitless file sizes. Furthermore, the premium API version supports PNG, GIF, and WebP files, which is ideal for sites that use a variety of file formats. Finally, EWWW Image Optimizer offers a customer service team that responds to all inquiries, including those from free users.



6. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel, a freemium image optimization plugin, offers two picture compression options: lossless and lossy. Lossy compression reduces the size of a file by removing some data, resulting in smaller files with somewhat poorer image quality. Try ShortPixel if you can’t decide between the two approaches.

One of the finest features of this plugin is that it saves the original picture copy, making it simple to restore if necessary. It also has a few more features, such as CMK to RGB conversion and image rescaling. ShortPixel also supports unrestricted compression of JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, AVIF, and PDF files.

ShortPixel offers 100 free picture optimizations each month and costs a monthly fee for extra photos. You may, for instance, pay $3.99 per month for 7,000 photos, $8.33 per month for 16,000 images, and so on.


7. Compress JPEG and PNG Images

By integrating with the image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG, Compress JPEG & PNG Images automatically optimizes your JPGs and PNGs. These programs examine the image’s content to choose the optimum compression technique without sacrificing image quality. This compression comprises deleting duplicate data, lowering or eliminating information, and annoying artifacts.

Compress JPEG & PNG Photos can optimize any images in the background as you submit them, as well as images existing on your site. There are additional plugin options to preserve copyright and geolocation metadata in your photos, as well as a CMYK-to-RGB converter and no file size limitations. However, for free, you are restricted to roughly 100 photos every month. You’ll need to upgrade to a premium account after that.



reSmush. It’s the reSmush’s official WordPress plugin. It is an image compressor that compresses each picture you submit using one of many compression techniques. It lets you compress photos up to 5 MB for free and batch optimize them with only two clicks.

reSmush is crucial. It makes a duplicate of the original picture and compresses it using that copy, guaranteeing that the original is never lost. It also features a sliding scale for optimizing the compression level for better control.


9. Imsanity

Imsanity is an image optimizer plugin that resizes images rather than compressing them. As you upload photos to your WordPress site, this free plugin adjusts its proportions. It’s one-of-a-kind in that you can set a maximum width, height, and quality level, and it will identify and resize any pictures that exceed those limits, making it great for websites with a variety of image requirements.

Imsanity also has a batch resize function for any previously submitted photos, as well as the ability to convert less optimized file types (such BMPs and PNGs) to smaller JPG forms. Overall, this plugin is ideal for sites with a lot of material, like blogs, where authors must submit their own photos. Use Imsanity to automate the process rather than depending on contributors to scale pictures manually.

It’s worth noting that Imsanity doesn’t use any compression other than the WordPress default. However, you may further reduce your scaled photos by using an image compression plugin in combination with Imsanity.


10. Kraken Image Optimizer

The API, an image optimization service that offers both lossless and lossy compression, is used by this plugin. In addition to picture optimization, Kraken also has a Page Cruncher and Dropbox compatibility. Kraken’s infrastructure is used to optimize the output, which is then added to your WordPress library.

Aside from compression, the plugin resizes pictures upon upload based on the maximum dimensions set, and it features a bulk action menu for handling numerous images at once.

The file size limit, which is a reasonable 32 MB per file, is also worth noting. The free version, however, limits you to 100 MB of photos each month. Increased file size limitations are available on five premium plans, ranging from 500 MB per month for $5 to 60 GB per month for $79 per month.


11. WP Compress

Finally, WP Compress is an image optimization plugin that uses local image optimization and real-time image optimization to reduce file sizes. It also has device-specific adaptive pictures, retina device compatibility, and image lazy loading. The compression of files is fully automatic.

WP compress also makes use of a CDN to deliver pictures in as little as seven milliseconds without the need to compress them, and it has a variety of capabilities for agencies with numerous client sites. WP Compress is a good option for people who manage many client sites because of these capabilities.


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Wrapping up- Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

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