Free Fire Unban Date: Free Fire is back again, Download Now?

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Free Fire Unban Date: A half year had passed and there is no light for the Unban of Free Fire in India. Yes, since the last of February the game had disappeared from the Play Store and app store.

The reason behind it was the same as that for the PUBG ban. Some security concerns were raised behind the ban on Free Fire. Since free fire max was launched a bit ago and though till now players are dependable on the same. So there is no such major problem because those players who did install free fire, it’s running quietly in every situation. Only the application had been removed from official download stores.

The removal of the official application but the presence of its alternate made the entire community less worried and concerned about the relaunch of free fire. Even though they do not consider it, there are many players who do believe in the return of free fire, and in a way, they loved it too much. They really miss the game because as per a report, a large contribution chose Free Fire over Free Fire Max. And that’s why every 2 in 3 players of free fire max wants the original free fire back in the Play Store and app store.

Free Fire Unban Date India

So there arises a lot of questions concerning about Free Fire Unban date and the return of free fire, many showed false statements while some created fake videos. There was no such evidence behind all these contents while a few influentials shared some real news that we will describe later. Before that let’s know about Free Fire Unban Date.

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Free Fire Unban Date

In certain cases, we have observed that there was a mix-up of statements and opinions consisting of variable answers about the Free Fire Unban Date. Once upon a time, likely before the beginning of the Ramadan event in Free Fire, a banner was posted under the game in the section of the news. This banner consisted of a well-contained statement where it was declared about the re-launch of free fire, like – coming soon. But after a few days, it got disappeared and the hope about such statements got vanished for the re-launch of free fire or Free Fire Unban Date.

Official Name of the gameGarena Free Fire
Date of Free Fire ban14th Feb 2022
Date of Free Fire UnbanNo official information yet (Updated As soon as official confirmation is received)
Download the Latest Free Fire Update Click Here
Official website of Free


This incident eventually killed all the hopes and the light that was gathered somehow that shows that free fire would be returning soon. Post that people waited for the OB35 update, but again no such motion was presented and at that time, the entire community almost lost a single % of hope for unbanning Free Fire.

Before the arrival or beginning of the OB35 update or you may say, the grand 5th anniversary of the Free Fire, again a banner was showcased under the game that insisted on the logo change as well as whole look and font changes. It was basically a theme update and people have gone crazy tolerating that free fire is coming back soon. Many have gone creating fake content to make money, they even had no prosperity or logic and just shared fake content. Post the release of the OB35 update in free fire, the theme update took place and free fire max was totally redesigned.

Now it’s currently going on the 21st of September is the date that is set for the patch update or the OB36 update. In this condition people are again hoping for a Free Fire relaunch but what’s the truth? Free Fire is back again, Download Now. Well, we will show some details about which you can get confirmation about the same.

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Free Fire is back again, Download Now?

So guys finally concluding everything, hope with the original statement or the official reply about the question Free Fire is back again, Download Now? is the reply that we found in a video from the world’s topmost and most famous free fire content creator – ajjubhai94 (TOTAL GAMING).

In his statement, he proved to say that currently there is no hope that free fire is coming back this year in 2022.

The video is from a third-party channel that covers trending gaming news. A recently published content had Ajjubhai’s voice where he confirms the upgiven statement.

So we want to confess only one thing to you Don’t believe fake news, just try to capture the official social media handles of free fire with a verified account. It’s such a big and loved game that when it will be returning, a high-priority post will be shared via the officials. Hence believe in those.


Here was the post all about Free Fire Unban Date: Free Fire is back again, Download Now? We hope every doubt had been cleared and it would not be easy knowing all the details about this. Kindly stay in touch with us for information about Free Fire and its Unban.

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