Why VPN is Not Working on Netflix?

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If you use a VPN but that will not work on Netflix then maybe the streaming service has banned the IP address of your VPN server.

In this article, we will discuss not only all the possible reasons why VPN is Not Working on Netflix but also discuss the probable solution for this problem.

Why VPN is Not Working on Netflix?
Why VPN is Not Working on Netflix?


Since the grand pandemic of the decade emerged, it had been such a moment where people were caged for the longest time since they were born into this world. The pandemic had led to losses everywhere. Apart from losses, there are various merits of the pandemic that had changed the entire history of the department, company, industry, or individuals. Some of them are the medical department, telecom sectors, and content creation.

Among various profitable departments, a sector that had been developed in a supreme and ultimate way. It was nonother than the OTT platforms. Even though there was such a case in India that half the smartphone was unaware of the word ‘OTT’, no sooner they all went demanding the contents over it. The OTT has an unthought rise immediately and if we see the current position, every smartphone users like to watch movies and series. But how?

Certain applications were there that lead to entertaining people via multiple releases every weekend. Almost everyone seemed to love OTT’s than movies. And currently, there is such a case that everyone wants to access those OTT applications and watch the contents.

But the problem that arises here is that most smartphone users do not want to pay for the subscription. This resulted in piracy and certain cases were filed and steps were considered to stop the copyright violation. After posting it there was a second reason to watch the series using a VPN. And this logic was recorded to be the most attempt under the application – Netflix and that’s our today’s pick and the topic Why VPN is Not Working on Netflix?

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What is VPN?

Before everything, let’s have a quick look up at the VPN as most smartphone users are still unaware of VPN.

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is modified and configured network setup that works as a blanket over your personal device and location details. Along with it, the second topmost use of VPN is to access the items that are not unavailable for your own country or the server you lie to. Hence VPN plays a major role in such cases.


What are the benefits of using a VPN on Netflix?

The only reason behind using a VPN within Netflix is to access geographically blocked content. This is the creation of a group that is uploaded to Netflix but is not set to appear in each and every country. Maybe it would not be available to you and you want to access it somehow. Here the VPN plays a major role and you could easily access the contents on Netflix that are geographically blocked.

But again a problem started appearing that in some cases VPN starts misbehaving or it would not be working with Netflix. In such case, people could not access the content properly which let you reach our post. And if you are here, we will share some tips after which your problem could be solved.


VPN is Not Working on Netflix – solution

  1. First of all, you need to disable the VPN service and clear the cache of your VPN application as well as the Netflix App.
  2. Secondly, you need to turn on airplane mode and restart your phone and turn it off.
  3. Try once more and again if you fail, just try to upgrade the VPN provider that is trustable and highly effective.
  4. If the problem continues with the new VPN services, then you can perform the following steps.
    • Use smart DNS
    • Disable IPv6 address
    • Change the country server
    • Modify the VPN protocol

Post all these steps, if the problem again continues, just try to do the same with another device, firstly on mobile and if unsuccessful try on PC. If you gain a failure for this time then try to own a paid Residential IP. Now you should get your issues resolved and you could easily gain the access to use VPN services with Netflix.

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Wrapping Up

So friends, here was all the details about Why VPN is Not Working on Netflix. We have stated every detail along with the uses of VPN. And hopefully, we have provided some steps to solve the issue, try them and again if your failing for the same, just comment to us, and we will come back with another solution soon. Till then stay tuned for every information and update.

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