Why VLC media player is ban in India? | 7 VLC alternatives for Windows, Mac & Mobile

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VLC Alternatives: A name that had won millions of hearts worldwide in the terms of video compatibility. If you are even 20 years old, you must be remembered whenever you explored the first desktop or pc in your life, the very common thing you would find – The VLC media players.

Yes, today’s pick is all about the VLC media player and in this context, we would state every piece of information related to Why VLC media player is ban in India? Also discuss 7 VLC alternatives for Windows, Mac & Mobile. Hence let’s begin to know from the basic details.

VLC alternatives
VLC alternatives


What is VLC media player?

VLC media player is a very popular platform or software that is used under smart operating systems to play off various multimedia files. It was different from other players because VLC support almost every type of playback and is the most optimized multimedia player.

In the early 21st century, it was firstly used in desktops and basically in windows OS. After some time it was made available for both iOS and Android. So no sooner than it had introduced itself to most smartphone users. But this is our pick today because the reason behind it is the ban of VLC media players. So in this post, we will cover the reason behind it as well as 7 VLC alternatives for Windows, Mac & Mobile.


Why VLC media player is ban in India?

First of all, make it clear that VLC media player had not to get a proper ban in India. This statement can be proved because the government had only banner VLC downloadable servers that were hosted in India.

Basically, its website has been banned and apps are still available for download as Google’s and Apple’s server lies out of India. Hence you can not access the official website of VLC in India as the government had stated some security thread and banned it.

Now we want to state 7 VLC alternatives for Windows, Mac & Mobile as now you can no longer able to download it via the official website.

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7 VLC alternative for Windows, Mac & Mobile

For Windows Users:

  1. GOM Player
GOM Player
GOM Player


After the name VLC, the GOM media player is highly recommended because it is also said to be optimized as VLC and supports most video formats. Not only this, but the GOM player had also a lot of features including some additional that were not present in even VLC media player.

You can enjoy high-resolution, 4K UHD movies without buffering.

Download GOM Player For Windows


  1. KM Player
KM Player
KM Player


KM player is also a highly rated name in terms of playing multimedia. It supports more playback formats than VLC and you can easily download it for PC. This is because the KM player is made especially for PC and thus it is ultimately enhanced and practical.

Download KM Player For Windows


  1. DivX Player
DivX Player
DivX Player


In the terms of quality optimization of media, there is no such option as DivX player as it is the most trustworthy platform having a friendly interface. The UI is quite simpler and it’s easy to use. It has a lot of features that you can relate to in terms of anti-quality loss for Video codec. It’s the prime reason why DivX player is recommended in the place of VLC.

Download DivX player For Windows

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For MAC Users:


  1. Elmedia player
Elmedia player
Elmedia player

A platform specified for Mac operating system is the best choice after VLC. It is the modern option for playing multimedia because it has a lot of features in comparison to VLC. The very important and highlighted feature of the Elmedia player is that it supports DLNA that VLC doesn’t. Again the positive point for this player is that it has a variety of video playback options along with sound equalization.

Download Elmedia player For MAC

  1. Movist player

A very common and frequent option for playing multimedia over Mac because it is very easy to use because of its user-friendly interface and access. It is almost smoother than any other player and it is best known for its compatibility with devices and harmless processing power.

Download Movist player For MAC

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For Android Users


  1. MX Player
MX Player
MX Player


No introduction is required for this name as it is the most chosen option among all other platforms. It is the most optimized and enhanced multimedia player for Android with a paid version (ad-free). It has a very practical interface along with a lot of features. Just you can download it from Play Store without hesitation.

Download MX Player For Android


  1. GOM Player

Similarly, as VLC for Android, The GOM multimedia player is also available for smartphones. You can easily download it from Play Store. Although it is heavier than VLC, it provides a lot of options and features in comparison to that. So GOM player for Android is also the best option for Android in place of VLC for Android.

Download GOM Player For Android


Wrapping Up

So here was a post all about Why VLC media player is ban in India? and also we share the best 7 VLC alternatives for Windows, Mac & Mobile. We have stated every pin-to-pin detail and tried to cover all essential aspects related to VLC.

The focus part of this article is the 7 VLC alternatives for Windows, Mac & Mobile, thus must have a look at them and try any of these according to your device. We hope you liked this post, kindly wait for another.

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