How To Get The Candy Bunny Gloo Wall In Free Fire Max?

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How To Get The Candy Bunny Gloo Wall In Free Fire Max? We are here to share some updates and information with you that is completely about the newly launched event in the game free fire and free fire max. So we need you attention to this post so that you could have the appropriate information that we shall convey through this post and most probably through the article that you are reading currently.

This article is all about a newly launched event in the game that is a new top-up event which is named as Bunny Attack Top-up Event. We may guess that you are currently thinking of any item that is themed upon rabbit or Bunny, and that is the exact same thing that you are thinking currently. So let’s begun this article to explore and find out the related details and information. Check out: Free Fire Advance Server OB39: Registration, Activation Code, Apk Download, and more

Bunny Attack : New Top-up Event In Free Fire – Details

So friends, this is a new top-up event that has been arrived in the game consisting two different items. Both the items are themed upon the Bunny or rabbit. The first one is a loot box while the another one is a gloo wall. You can have a look both of these through the images stated above. Moreover we are going to share some of the steps or instructions that will be helpful in the terms if you want to obtain any of these or both. Let us consider both and below are the steps about How To Get The Candy Bunny Gloo Wall In Free Fire Max?

What Are The Top-up Bonus Rewards In Bunny Attack Top-up Event In Free Fire?

There are two different rewards that has been launched under the new top-up event in free fire that is The Bunny Attack Top-up Event. As we have mentioned, there is a loot box skin and a gloo wall skin. So, the name and images of the both are below.

1. Candy Bunny Loot Box

Candy Bunny Loot Box

2. Candy Bunny Gloo Wall

Candy Bunny Gloo Wall

How To Get The Candy Bunny Gloo Wall In Free Fire Max?

  • You have to login to the game
  • Now you have to come to the top-up page
  • You can obtain both the rewards after making a top-up of ₹240 fir 310 diamonds, hence go for it
  • Now click on the ₹240 icon located beneath the 310 diamonds banner
  • You shall now reach to the payment interface and from here, you can make payment easily
  • Now come back to the top-up event page and from here, claim both the rewards including The Candy Bunny Loot Box and The Candy Bunny Gloo Wall
  • Now you are done, check your vault and weapon sections for both the prizes

Wrapping Up

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