IPL Schedule 2022: Match Dates, Fixtures, Teams & Point Table

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The 2022 IPL Indian premier league is also called IPL15 or Tata IPL 2022 because the Tata group sponsored IPL this year. This year it’s the 15th season of the Indian premier league -IPL. In this post, you will get all the information about IPL Schedule 2022, Match Dates, Fixtures, Teams & Point Table.

IPL 2022 team-wise schedule is officially out on 6 March. The tournament has started on the 26th of March 2022 and is to be concluded with the final on the 29th of May 2022. The group stage matches of the tournament are being majorly played in the state of Maharashtra, with Pune and Mumbai hosting the matches.

This season we saw the expansion of the league with the addition of two franchises Gujrat titans and Lucknow Super Giants. This was the second season with ten teams In 2011 we have seen 10 teams in Ipl for the first time.

BCCI released IPL 2022 Match Time Table PDF. We have collected information from our resources and presented here .you can find IPL Schedule 2022, matches timing, and team-wise table below.

IPL Schedule 2022: Match Dates, Fixtures, Teams & Point Table
IPL Schedule 2022: Match Dates, Fixtures, Teams & Point Table


As you all know that BCCI conducts the Indian premier league IPL at this time in the 15th season. Therefore, cricket enthusiasts who want to know about IPL Schedule 2022 can support their team by looking at the IPL 2022 Match Fixtures for each team.

It is stated that IPL 2022 first match is fixed on the 26th of March 2022 and the last match is on the 26th of May 2022 finally below you can find accurate information on IPL 15 schedule, time table match timing.

IPL 2022 Schedule 26 March 2022 — 29 May 2022
HostBCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India)
Hosting CountryIndia
Match Format20 Overs (T20)
IPL 2022 First Match26 March 2022
IPL Final Match29 May 2022
Number Of Teams10
Name Of TeamsChennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Ahmedabad Lions & Lucknow Nawabs.
Number Of Total Matches74
Official Website of IPLiplt20.com


IPL 2022 Venue

As per the official IPL T20 2022 Schedule, the 15th season is being hosted by India. Therefore all the matches will be played on Indian Grounds. We have created a complete list of stadiums where these matches will take place.

You can book your tickets in advance, review the details of the match above, and then support your favorite team. The IPL Schedule 2022 with the venue is easily available in this post.  Although mainly group stage matches are being played in the state of Maharashtra in city Pune and Mumbai

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Punjab
  • Jaipur


AS you all know that as per previous IPL Timings, the first match is always scheduled in the Evening. So as per TATA IPL 2022 Match Timings, you have to start your Television for the first Match at 7:30 PM Sharp on 26TH of march 2022.

You can also see the inauguration ceremony of IPL 2022 15 which will start at 6.30 pm before the commencement of the Match.

Finally, if you want to know about IPL 15 Timings and match details then you can see the section below. Cricket Lovers can also download IPL Schedule 2022 PDF and use it for the complete reference of each team. Every Match is there Two times first is around 3:00 PM and the second match of the day starts at 7:30 PM.


Match numberDateDayTeamsTimingVenus
126-3-2022SaturdayCSK vs KKR7.30 pmWankhede stadium
227-3-2022SundayDC vs MI3.30 pmBarabourne -CCL
327-3-2022SundayPKBS vs RCB7.30 pmDy Patil stadium
428-3-2022MondayGT vs LSG7.30 pmWankhede stadium
529-3-2022TuesdaySRH vs RR7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
630-3-2022WednesdayRCB vs KKR7.30 pmDy Patil stadium
731-3-2022ThursdayLSG vs CSK7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
81-4-2022FridayKKR vs PKBS7.30 pmWankhede stadium
92-4-2022SaturdayMI vs RR3.30 pmDY Patil stadium
102-4-2022SaturdayGT vs DC7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
113-4-2022Sunday pCSK vs PKBS7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
124-4-2022MondaySRH vs LSG7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
135-4-2022TuesdayRR vs RCB7.30 pmWankhede stadium
146-4-2022WednesdayKKR vs MI7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
157-4-2022ThursdayLSG vs DC7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
168-4-20222FridayPKBS vs GT7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
179-4-2022SaturdayCSK vs SRH3.30 pmDY Patil stadium
189-4-2022SaturdayRCB vs MI7.30 pmMCA stadium pune
1910-4-2022SundayKKR vs DC7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
2010-4-2022SundayRR vs LSG7.30 pmWakhede stadium
2111-4-2022MondaySRH vs GT7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
2212-4-2022TuesdayCSK vs RCB7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
2313-4-2022WednesdayMI vs PKBS7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
2414-4-2022ThursdayRR vs GT7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
2515-4-2022FridaySRH vs KKR7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
2616-4-2022SaturdayMI vs LSG3.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
2716-4-2022SaturdayDC vs RCB7.30 pmWankhede stadium
2817-4-2022SundayPBKS vs SRH3.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
2917-4-2022SundayGT vs CSK7.30 pmMCA stadium pune
3018-4-2022MondayRR vs KKR7.30 pmBarabourne – ccl
3119-4-2022TuesdayLSG vs RCB7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
3220-4-2022WednesdayDC vs PBKs7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
3321-4-2022ThursdayMI vs CSK7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
3422-4-2022FridayDC vs RR7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
3523-4-2022SaturdayKKR vs GJ3.30 pmDY Patil stadium
3623-4-2022SaturdayRCB vs srh7:30 p.m.Barabourne-CCL
3724-4-2022SundayLSH vs MI7:30 p.m.Wankhede stadium
3825-4-2022MondayPKBS vs CSK7:30 p.m.Wankhede stadium
3926-4-2022TuesdayRCB vs RR7:30 p.m.MCA stadium, pune
4027-4-2022WednesdayGT vs SRH7:30 p.m.Wankhede stadium
4128-4-2022ThrusdayDC vs KKR7:30 p.m.Wankhede stadium
4229-4-2022FridayPBKS vs LSG7:30 p.m.MCA Stadium Pune
4330-4-2022SaturdayGT vs RCB3:30 p.m.Barabourne-CCL
4430-4-2022SaturdayRR vs MI7:30 p.m.Dy Patil stadium
451-5-2022SundayDC vs LSG3:30 p.m.Wankhede stadium
461-5-2022SundaySRH vs CSK7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
472-5-2022MondayKKR vs RR7.30 pmWankhede stadium
483-5-2022TuesdayGT vs PBKs7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
494-5-2022WednesdayRCB vs CSK7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
505-5-2022ThursdayDC vs SRH7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
516-5-2022FridayGT vs MI7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
527-5-2022SaturdayPBKS vs RR3.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
537-5-2022SaturdayLSG vs KKR7.30 pmMCA Stadium Pune
548-5-2022SundaySRH vs RCB3.30 pmWankhede stadium
558-5-2022SundayCSK vs DC7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
569-5-2022MondayMI vs KKR7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
5710-5-2022TuesdayLSG vs GT7.30 pmMCA Stadium Pune
5811-5-2022WednesdayRR vs DC7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
5912-5-2022ThursdayCSK vs MI7.30 pmWankhede stadium
6013-5-2022FridayRCB vs PKBS7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
6114-5-2022SaturdayKKR vs SRH7.30 pmMCA Stadium, Pune
6215-5-2022SundayCSK vs GT3.30 pmWankhede stadium
6315-2-2022SundayLSG vs RR7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
6416-5-2022MondayPBKS vs DC7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
6517-5-2022TuesdayMI vs SRH7.30 pmWankhede stadium
6618-5-2022WednesdayKKR vs LSG7.30 pmDY Patil stadium
6719-5-2022ThursdayRCB vs GT7.30 pmWankhede stadium
6920-5-2022FridayRR vs CSK7.30 pmBarabourne-CCL
7021-5-2822SaturdayMi vs DC7.30 pmWankhede stadium
7122-5-2022SundaySRH vs PKBS7.30 pmWankhede stadium
72 TBDQualifier17.30 pmAhemdabad
73TBDEliminator7.30 pmAhemdabad
74TBDQualifier27.30 pmAhemdabad
75FinalFinal7.30 pmAhemdabad



The points table given below will give you complete details about the IPL 2022 team’s Points. Through the points table, You can also get details about matches played and won by each time in IPL 2022. And the performance of each team you can analyze.

Indian Premier LeaguePWLDNRRPts
1 Royal Challengers Bangalore1005050-0.55810
2 Sunrisers Hyderabad08050300.610
3 Lucknow Super Giants09060300.40812
4 Gujarat Titans09080100.37716
5 Rajasthan Royals08060200.56712
6 Punjab Kings0904050-0.4708
7 Mumbai Indians0800080-100
8 Chennai Super Kings0802050-0.53804
9 Delhi Capitals08040400.69508
10 Kolkata Knight Riders0903060-106


Note: Point table will be updated on regular basis.

IPL 2022 Live Scores and Streaming Details

You can watch the latest IPL live scores and match updates of IPL 15 on the Cricbuzz website.

Livestreaming of IPL 2022 is available on the Star Sports Network on the TV screen. You can also watch IPL 2022 online streaming on the Disney + Hotstar mobile application or its website.

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