Which chip-set is better Media-Tek Vs Snapdragon?

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Which chip-set is better Media-Tek Vs Snapdragon?: As we know in the present-day most of the smartphones made by Media-Tek or Snapdragon chip-set. So in order to find out which chipset is better among these two, first of all, we need to know how these chip-sets are different from each other.

Now, let’s explain them in detail. First of all, I explain the Media-Tek chip-set and then explain to you about Snapdragon chip-set.

Media-Tek chip-set in details:

It is a Taiwanese based company. It uses more cores in its processors like octa-core, Hexa-core,deca-core, etc.

Battery Life:

The Media-Tek chip-sets are known to be more power-draining and result in less battery life. Now they are optimizing their processors to be more power-efficient but still lags behind their competition in terms of battery life.


Performance-wise their processors are very good. Due to the availability of extra cores, Media-Tek processors can handle intensive and heavy tasks and they are very good at multi-tasking as well. But we can see all this practically if we have sufficient Ram on them. As you know that more cores demand more Ram to give the best performance.

Heating Issue :

Now let’s talk about the heating issue. All the processors deliver heat while performing any tasks like gaming, net surfing, or normal uses as well. Media-Tek processors produce more heat (more cores means more heat) than the Snapdragon. Now the days heating issue somehow improved.


If we talk about graphics, Media-Tek employs Mali graphics which is a third party graphics vendor.So graphics architecture is different from CPU and its performance may not match with CPU. It is really important to match the performances of CPU and GPU(graphics) so that the whole chip-set performs properly.


Snapdragon chip-set in details:

Snapdragon chipsets are manufactured by Qualcomm which is an American based company. Snapdragon chipsets are not only just CPU’s they incorporate other many processors in their chip-sets. This is the main difference between Snapdragon and other chip-sets.

Snapdragon chipsets are named as SoC’s (System-on-a-chip) which means their chip-sets(SoC’s) have a CPU, GPU(Adreno Graphics), Image processor, Media processor, Digital Signal Processor, Cellular Modem unit, Wifi-Module, Radio Module, GPS Module, etc. All these modules and Processors are inside of a snapdragon chip. Yes, they incorporated all these things inside their chip-sets. Hence their chips are more costly.

Battery Life:

Snapdragon chipsets are best in terms of power efficiency compared to all other chip-sets.


Performance-wise Snapdragon chip-sets perform really well. In multitasking, gaming, handling heavy and intensive tasks they are much better.

Heating Issue :

Snapdragon Processors generally produces less heat compared to Media-Tek. So Snapdragon Processors is preferable according to the heating issue.


If we talk about graphics, they manufacture their own graphics called Adreno Graphics and incorporate them into their chips. So here the performance of CPU and GPU are matched properly.

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