10 Best Crypto Ad Networks in 2023

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Best Crypto Ad Networks: In this article, we are going to introduce the 10 best crypto ad networks, which are going to be popular day by day.

Some cryptos and especially bitcoin ruling on the internet for the past 10 years.

So much so that several ad network platforms now support payments through encryption! Today, webmasters have more options than ever before when it comes to encrypted advertising networks, but that choice comes at a cost.

All the crypto website holders want to make countless money with cryptographic advertising networks, but the result may end in difficulty without checking it.

10 Best Crypto Ad Networks
10 Best Crypto Ad Networks


So to help you to make the decision about cryptocurrency advertising a little easier, we talked to dozens of webmasters and conducted an experiment to find out which ad encryption network is the most profitable and has the best tools for optimizing their revenue streams. Our experiment looks at the top ten ad encryption networks, which are described below.


1. A-Ads



With 242 million daily impressions, 282,000 daily clicks, and an average price of $5.26 per 1000 mentions, A-Ads is a great ad network for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers will be pleased to know that the network can help them reach a large audience. On the other hand, publishers with high-quality content can make decent money through advertising on their websites.

A very popular ad network is named as A-Ads, which is literally trusted by 16,000 website owners. You can make money here on a per click basis.

  • Paying up to $52 for CPM ads
  • Over 242M Impressions and 282,000 clicks daily
  • Support Multiple Countries and Languages


2. Bitmedia



Bitmedia allows personal publishing partners to remove scams and promote its network quality. You can display ads via text, videos, and banners. What’s more, you can personalize your ads by device, frequency, time of day, and geography.

Main feature

  • Over 40M Views Daily
  • Multiple Targeting Options
  • 20000+ Ad Campaign
  • Profit management


3. AdShare



We are in an age of decentralization of everything. Therefore, it makes sense when there is an ad network that allows advertisers to enter into agreements with publishers without intermediaries. Advert sharing is an excellent example.

Armed with an engine capable of processing 1.4 million transactions per second, Advertising Shares believe it can make the most of the $1 billion advertising market. It’s also safe, and not too expensive. And to add the cherry to the top — it has its own AD Shares coin, which you can trade on the Uniswap or PanCake defi network.

Main feature

  • Decentralized Ad Network
  • Safe and Private
  • High-Performance Blockchain
  • Paying Dividends for Staking AD Shares coins
  • Low cost
  • 5300+ Advertisers and 480+ Publishers


4. Coin Ads

CoinAd is an advertising network for A-list bloggers. The explanation is straightforward. Publishers are welcomed by invitation only. This helps attract high-quality publishers with higher fees than can generate the highest ROI for the publisher.

According to ranking site Alexa, CoinAd generates over 100,000 daily impressions. Interestingly, this traffic comes from less than 200 websites. In other words, CoinAd is all about connecting leading crypto sites with established advertisers.

Main feature

  • 100,000+ Daily Views
  • Multiple Ad Formats
  • Self Service for Advertisers
  • Affordable Ad Campaign
  • Elite Publishers and Advertisers


5. Coinverti

Like many advertising networks, Coinverti operates through two popular ad formats: CPM and CPC. This Belgium-based company targets all types of crypto platforms with the aim of advertising or making money through display ads.

Coinverti is an affordable network that allows you to advertise on crypto sites with a budget starting from 0.001BTC. For publishers, you can withdraw your money via Bitcoin or Ethereum as you wish.

Main feature

  • Accept Site Ranks under 200,000 on Alexa
  • Targeting Sites Hosted on Paid Platforms.
  • Average CTR ranges between 0.20% and 0.25%
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Customized Ads


6. Advertising Dragon

Ad Dragon is a relatively new crypto advertising network launched in 2019. It is based on the Ethereum platform and aims to provide advertising solutions for businesses that are completely crypto-focused. Ad Dragon has grown tremendously since its launch, mainly for its forward-thinking solutions for advertisers and publishers.

Being a decentralized platform, Ad Dragon has a suite of useful tools for launching ad campaigns, tracking their performance, geo-targeting, paying and withdrawing their profits.

Main feature

  • Providing High-Quality Traffic
  • Publishers earn 95% of advertising money
  • Fully decentralized
  • Advertisers can personalize their Ads


7. Coin bound

Coinbound is an advertising network that goes beyond traditional advertising formats such as display ads. It also specializes in influencer marketing. This means you can get your crypto projects out there with the help of celebrities on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Coinbound provides SEO – Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, and also blog management.


8. CoinTraffic

Founded in 2014, Coin Traffic is a top advertising network that prioritizes quality over quantity of partners. This means efficient customer service, a seamless platform, and fast payments that are processed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In plain style, Coin Traffic supports all major ad formats: Banner ads, Native ads, and press releases.

Main feature

  • Self Service Platform
  • Quick Help for setting up ads
  • Personal Manager
  • Accepts crypto and fiat for payments


9. Coinzilla

With over 1 billion impressions per month and more than 650 crypto websites, the advertising network Coinzilla successfully offers worldwide exposure to emerging cryptocurrency projects and consolidated.

From classic display ads to native ads and sponsored articles, Coinzilla offers access to a variety of advertising options that are driving the growth of the crypto market

Main feature:

  • Over 1 billion impressions per month;
  • Over 1.8 million Clicks per month;
  • More than 650 partner crypto websites;
  • Dedicated account manager to help you set up campaigns;
  • On-demand banner design support;
  • Huge selection of custom deal ads that you won’t find anywhere else.


10. CryptoAdsManager

CryptoAdsManager is an amazing ad network that provides advertisers and publishers with a new way to block blockchain, crypto, and GameFi app projects. The network has a custom set of data focused on GameFi key and crypto audiences. It has the ability to bypass the Google and Facebook ban to reach a wider audience and attract high-quality traffic.

CryptoAdsManager has established itself as the leading crypto ad network due to its integrated identification methods and re-marketing capabilities that help clients reach the right users. The forum is easy to use and does not require a deposit to join. Payment methods are accepted by bank deposit, PayPal, or check.



After you go through and understand this complete overview, you should have a better understanding of what these ad networks offer, as the first and most advanced advertising networks are divided by location. It can seem like a good asset to you whether you are a publisher or an advertiser.


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