BTS releases a music video As a part of the special collaboration with Free Fire

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BTS is making all the promotions for their long-awaited collaboration with the most popular multiplayer Battel Royal game Free Fire.

Although, Free Fire recently ban in India but this game have enough popular globally.

As we all know BTS collab with Free Fire  few moth ago. So, BTS recently re-release the music video of ther popular song Idol. While recreate new music video BTS try to use the resources of the free-to-play video game.

Therefore, we can see on the music video where BTS members dancing & singing in the outfits that launched at the end of March in Free Fire.

The recreation of the music video, of course very much enjoyable to all BTS and Free Fire Fans. The music video got almost half a million views.

BTS as well as Free Fire Fans share their loves on the comments. Also, Free Fire game lovers tanks to BTS for this wonderful songs.

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