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Free Fire Magic Cube Bundles

Top 5 Free Fire Magic Cube Bundles You Can Get in December 2021

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Top 5 Free Fire Magic Cube Bundles You Can Get in December 2021

Free Fire Magic Cube Bundles: Free Fire is ranking 1st in Multiplayer Games. Free Fire Players has made it possible to cross the milestone of 1Billion+ Downloads on Google Play Store. Being one of the most popular games released on Google Play Store there is great competition among players for their collections in their ID’s. In Free fire, many bundles come in different events which are very rare for their collections. Sometimes these bundles come again with new events.
Today we are going to talk about the popular bundles of free fire which we will get in December 2021.

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List Of Top Free Fire Magic Cube Bundles:-

  1. Arctic Blue Bundle
  2. Break Dancer Bundle
  3. Ice Age Bundle
  4. Crazy Panda Bundle
  5. Revenge Full Leather Bundle

1. Arctic Blue Bundle

Arctic Blue Bundle
Arctic Blue Bundle (Image credit: i.ytimg)

Arctic Blue Bundle is one of the most popular and rare bundles on the Indian Server. This bundle is very rare in Indian servers as it came in Diamond Royale bundles a very long back ago. At that time Free Fire was not so much Popular due to fewer players in their game. In the Indian server, Arctic Blue Bundle is not available now but it was all already available in an incubator with many more bundles like it some of the bundles are Blue Arctic, Red Arctic, Ruby Arctic etc. But in other servers like the Indonesian servers, it’s available in the magic cube. You can easily claim this bundle using a magic cube which can be obtained through Diamond Royale, magic cube crates. We can change a Magic cube through 100 fragments. Now, this bundle is not available on the Indian server in magic bundles but we can see this bundle on the occasion of 25 December [Christmas Event].

2. Break Dancer Bundle

Break Dancer Bundle (Image credit- unknown)
Break Dancer Bundle (Image credit- unknown)

Break Dancer Bundle is also one of the most popular and one of the favorite Bundles of many Players. This bundle comes in a free fire in luck royale. At that time when Free Fire Was launched, there were fewer players who are playing free fire. So this bundle is also the rarest bundle in Free Fire. Break Dancer bundle is now available in Magic Bundle in almost all servers of Free fire. This bundle was returned to the Indian server For the first time at the Diwali event. You can claim this bundle Through magic cube. Let’s move to the next Free Fire Magic Cube Bundles.

3. Ice Age Bundle

Ice Age Bundle
Ice Age Bundle ( Image Credit: Free Fire)

Currently, this is one of the oldest bundles in the free-fire which is returned Again. This bundle Was introduced in late 2018. Now, this bundle is offered in Magic Cube bundles of Indian servers. This bundle Provides a different look to the player character it looks like the villain of her horror movie. This is one of my favorite and best collections ever. This is only available on the Indian server. You can easily get this bundle from the store and redeem it in the magic cube section.

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4. Crazy Panda Bundle

Crazy Panda Bundle
Crazy Panda Bundle (Image Credit:- Free Fire)

This bundle was also available in diamond Royale and is also a rare and one of the oldest items of Free Fire. This is a female bundle that looks pretty cool and beautiful to the female character. This bundle is different from other bundles as it can be equipped with all items once they’re not different items like shoes, top, bottom, mask, head etc. Some of the popular YouTube creators also use this bundle while during the live stream. You can exchange this bundle using your one Magic Cube.

5. Revenge Full Leather Bundle

Revenge Full Leather Bundle
Revenge Full Leather Bundle (Image Credit: Gurugamer)

Revenge full leather bundle was also introduced as the reward of Diamond Royale. This bundle was released in 2020. This bundle was very popular among the Indian players because it looks very beautiful while we equip full bundle but it is not a rare bundle because this bundle is owned by many players on the Indian server. You can also exchange this bundle with Your Magic cube.

These were the bundles you can get in December 2021 from Free Fire Magic Cube Store.

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Wrapping Up- Top Most Rare Bundles Available In Magic Cube

In this article, you will read about the rarest and top-rated bundles which can be exchanged in Free Fire by using your magic cube. 1 magic cube is also exchanged by using 100 magic cube fragments, which you can obtain through Luck Royale and Many other events. Some of these bundles are not available on the Indian server at present as they were introduced return at a specific time and for a specific time. For the latest tech news & blogging Tutorials, follow TECH FOR U on TwitterFacebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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