Omicron Variant Explained: Has India been hit by the third wave of Corona Virus?

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Omicron Variant Explained: Has India been hit by the third wave of Corona Virus?

Omicron Variant Explained: In this article, we will discuss the latest coronavirus stain “Omicron” Variant. According to the Indian government, two cases of Covid variant Omicron have been detected in Karnataka.

What is COVID-19?

Covid-19 is an infectious disease Referred to as Coronavirus Disease 2019. Coronavirus is a type of disease which is spread by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is an infectious disease in which people fall sick, got tired, cough, start sneezing etc.

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How does it spread?

Coronavirus is a disease that can be spread from one person to another through their physical contact or the particles through their sneezing out mouth air. This virus is being transferred from one person to another through small droplets of liquid which come from one person to another while sneezing, singing, talking, breathing etc.
You can also be infected by this virus if you touch the same spot touched by the person who is infected by a coronavirus. You could also be infected if you live in the surrounding of the infected person. This virus spread in indoor and crowded areas fastly.

Present Situation

In the present days of the pandemic, the situation is under control. The virus cases are very low in comparison to 2020. The number of cases is rising in Europe rapidly but in India, the cases are very low we could save ourselves if we use precautions. According to surveys approx. 44% of adults are vaccinated with both doses 82% of adults are vaccinated with a single dose.

According to scientists, the new variant of coronavirus is spreading rapidly which is very dangerous and needs more protection than first and second waves. This virus is also affecting the people who are already vaccinated with two doses.

Omicron Strain

Omicron Variant Explained
Omicron Variant Explained (Image By The Economic Times)

Omicron strain is one of the latest dangerous strains identified by WHO. On 26th November 2021 WHO declared that a new strain of coronavirus is identified in South Africa on which we should pay attention as it could be more dangerous than the last one.

According to WHO They will take some time to study full about this virus strain. Let’s wait and watch to get the full knowledge about the virus. According to rumors, it is three times more effective in spreading firstly than coronavirus.

The first known case of the omicron virus was identified on November 9, 2021, in South Africa. After that, the cases are spreading steeply in South Africa. According to World Health Organization, omicron has a huge number of mutations and is concerning.

Effects Of Omicron VariantOn India

Our country India is recording low cases of COVID-19 which means that it will not affect the so much to the country. Around 10,000 cases are recorded daily. The new cases of omicron are increasing day by day. Many people traveling from other countries are found omicron positive which is not a good sign for India. Two cases of Covid variant Omicron have been detected in Karnataka.

Even a single case of coronavirus can lead to spreading in millions of people. India must take actions against it to stop it on time otherwise we have to face problems like the second wave of the corona. The pandemic is not over now the cases are rising in European countries rapidly but according to studies, Indian people have antibodies that are able to fight this virus. But we also have to take precautions to fight this pandemic situation.

According to the studies India is ready for the third wave of the omicron virus. The government is also ready for the pandemic situation which could arise anytime. We could see the situation of lockdown anytime by the government as the government does not want more people to be affected by this disease.

What are precautions?

  1. Always wear a mask when you go outside the house.
  2. Always sanitize your hands according to time.
  3. Maintain distance from others.
  4. Avoid physical contact with other people.
  5. Try to avoid crowded areas.
  6. Avoid handshakes.
  7. Avoid using the things which are used by other people.

Symptoms Of Omicron Variant

According to data there are no specific symptoms of omicron but there could be different symptoms and it will take some time to show the symptoms of the virus. At present we have to think that the symptoms are the same as the delta variant. The thing is that we need not worry about the virus.


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Wrapping Up- Omicron Variant Explained

As we all know that the cases are very low these days then we can conclude that our country is ready to face the third level of this pandemic. In this article, we read about the pandemic situation of the omicron variant which is dangerous for the economy and our country. we all must take precautions to save our lives and families. We all have created unity against this disease to put out train on track.

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