RG4 Maikel Free Fire ID, stats, rank, guild, and more

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RG4 Maikel Free Fire ID, stats, rank, guild, and more: Hey friends, we welcome you to the post over the wiki format for a famous Free Fire player. Accordingly, in this post, you will get to know about a popular Free Fire player owning the V Badge. In this post, we will try to cover every single detail of the player including his in-game performance as well as personal information. So, be sure to read out this post till the end and have all the details carefully.

This is an article that is all about RG4 Maikel’s Free Fire ID, stats, rank, guild, and more. Maybe some of you would be hearing the name for the first time, but he is a popular player and a content creator on YouTube. He is also having the most famous V Badge which means supremacy in the community of free fire. Let us have further details of RG4 Maikel. Checkout: Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire?

Basic details of RG4 Maikel

RG4 Maikel is known as a prominent player in the community of free fire. He is famous as a content creator and usually uploads his creation on YouTube. He owns a YouTube Channel namely RG4LG4Life Official. His channel is currently having a subscriber count of 3.1 Million. He has a total of 508 videos on his channel as of 10th May 2023. He has started his YouTube career in the year 2018. His channel is near to approaching 30 Million views count. Now let us have his in-game details within the section below.

RG4 Maikel’s Free Fire ID & Stats

RG4 Maikel’s Free Fire ID & Stats
RG4 Maikel’s Free Fire ID & Stats

RG4 Maikel’s free fire I’d number is 100785751. His in-game nickname is RG4 Maikel. Below we are stating the latest statistics of RG4 Maikel.

Statistics Of RG4 Maikel’s Battle Royale

Statistics Of RG4 Maikel’s Clash Squad

The player has attained Gold 1 in the current season for BR Ranked as well as Platinum 1 in the current season of CS Ranked. In the Battle Royale lifetime Mode, he has attained 623 solo matches out of which 96 matches are won by him. The Kill count is 1654 and K/D Ratio is 3.14. The Player’s win rate has approached 15.40%.

In Duo mode, Maikel has played 1518 matches and has won 485. The Duo win percentage is 31.94% and K/D Ratio of 5.19, dealing the number of kills 1654.

Now finally, we are at the squad match statistics in which the player is found to be played a total of 14571 matches winning 5968 with 50037 kills dealing the K/D Ratio of 5.82.

Statistics Of RG4 Maikel’s Clash Squad

Statistics Of RG4 Maikel’s Clash Squad

Maikel has appeared in 1447 Clash Squad matches within which he gained 900 Booyah. He is having a win rate of 62.20% and KDA of 1.53% attaining the total number of kills counted as 5642.

Guild Of RG4 Maikel

The guild in which the player is consistently playing is his own developed and maintained guild namely RG4LG4Life. His Guild’s I’d is 100785751. Now let us have the details of his earnings.

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Net Worth Of RG4 Maikel

As per some reports, we have found that the player has an estimated net worth of US $40000.

Wrapping Up

So friends, this is the post in which we have shared the details of a famous personality who is RG4 Maikel. All the important information has been stated and hopefully, you have found all the details. Just make sure to follow us and read the posts regularly for more important information about free fire and its players.

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