Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire? His FF ID, monthly income, and more details

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Who Is The Richest Noob In Free Fire: The game Free Fire and Free Fire is all about the skill to overcome the battle on the battlefield whether you play solo or with a squad. Winning and Loosing is not perfectly in your hands as various other factors too play a more role in it. But one thing is definitely carried in your hand which is skill. Skill is the thing that plays a major role in making you prominent in anything and the same is regulated in the game free fire.

The second phase is completely opposite where we can assume that alternate to being prominent is called noob in the same activity. When hearing noob, many players get that the player is not flexible with the certain task and in the game free fire max, nobody wants to join a match with a noob, isn’t it?

Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire?
Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire?

So friends, this article today is all about a noob who is not only a noob but also rich. This post is going to be interesting as we have gathered some useful data about the richest noob in the free fire who is not capable of even handling the HUD perfectly but in terms of his collection, he surpasses many popular players. So guys, be till the last of this post as something crazy is going to be included within this article. Read every line carefully and you are going to know all about Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire? His FF ID, monthly income, and more details. Checkout: Free Fire OB39 update APK download link for Android devices

Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire?

Guys, free fire is not lacking the number of noobs and even not the number of pros. But some are there who has been highlighted for their numerous activity or some unique part of their gaming history. So, we are going to state the name of the person who is considered to be the richest noob in the free fire.

The richest noob in the game free fire is from India and he is a popular YouTuber too. He owns a BMW i8 and lives in Hyderabad. Are you able to guess the name or we shall disclose it? No worries, we would let you know that The Richest Noob in Free Fire Is Lokesh Gamer. Yes, you might be unaware till now but this is the fact. Although he is rich but he does not play the game as visible to you and me. So, he is the only one in the entire community of free fire who is claimed to be the richest noob in the free fire. Now we are going to reveal his monthly income and some more details.

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Lokesh Gamer FREE FIRE ID Details

Lokesh Gamer FREE FIRE ID Details

FREE FIRE ID 220528068
Total Likes 8227
Level 64
Season badges 10282
Character name CR7
Pet name MR. Waggor


Lokesh Gamer Stats

Lokesh Gamer Stats

Lokesh Gamer has been playing free fire for many years. But below are the stats of Lokesh Gamer’s Free fire id from season 1 to this article’s published to date –

LOKESH GAMER SQUAD Matches Statistics

Games 3434
Wins 729
Top 3 rate 36.34%
Kills 6435
Headshot rate 20.93%
K/D 2.28
Revives 298
AVG damage per match 835
Most kills in a match 21

DUO Matches Statistics

Games 1535
Wins 153
Top 5 rate 28.14%
Kills 2604
Headshot rate 20.85%
K/D 1.88
Revives 300
AVG damage per match 723
Most kills in a match 21

SOLO Statistics

Games 1321
Win 135
Top 10 rate 38.00%
Headshot rate 29.24%
Kills 3814
K/D 2.30
AVG Distance Travelled 3.07KM
AVG damage per match 910
Most kills in a match 35

Clash Squad Statistics Overview

Games 1537
Win 959
Win rate 62.39%
Headshot rate 35.03%
Kills 8930
K/D 1.75
MVP 811
Knockdowns 5568

Wrapping Up

So friends, here is the post in which we have shared some important information and unique detail about The Richest Noob In Free Fire. We have also shared his net worth and monthly income. We wish that you would have loved the post and if so, share it and stay tuned for more updates and information about free fire and free fire max.

What Is The Monthly Income Of Lokesh Gamer?

Lokesh Gamer is a content creator who makes money by sharing his content. Moreover, he is paid for sponsorships. As per the data we have, his monthly income from YouTube is between $15000 and 3000$.

What Is The Net Worth Of Lokesh Gamer?

The estimated net worth of Lokesh Gamer is around $2 Million.

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