Russia vs Ukraine War 2022: why ? What is Vacuum bomb? Weapons list with defense system

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Russia vs Ukraine War: The Russian Federation chooses to launch an attack on Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022 on Thursday. Apart from military attacks, there have also been cyberattacks and information attacks that have harmed Ukraine. The Russian attack came a week after the Russian ambassador in Jakarta denied that there would be an invasion.

Russia vs Ukraine War
Russia vs Ukraine War

Why is there a war between Russia and Ukraine?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine was developing for a long time. It is worth that Ukraine had always been a subpart of Russia, and the Russian Federation had full control over it, but as of recent few months. Ukraine is parting its way to avoid Russia and as a result, Vladimir Putin is not agreed via this step by the Ukrainian federation, he does not want that that Ukraine should be independent.

There is also a reason that  NATO wants to expand into Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, which borders Russia. NATO’s expansion into Ukraine is considered a threat to Russia’s national security.

We will explain the three major reasons behind the decision of war via Russia on Ukraine. The three reasons are as follows:

  1. Past triumphs
  2. Issues with NATO
  3. Putin’s action

1. Past triumphs

The triumph of the past is one theory that should be highlighted. This is reinforced by the rhetoric of President Putin a few days before the attack.  President Putin said Ukraine was an old part of Russia. He added that Russia was stolen during the Soviet Union was wrecked. He said he would not agree if Ukraine would be further a part of the US Colony.

Russia has actually been trying to intervene in politics in Ukraine for a long time, but since Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, politics in Ukraine has tended to be at odds with Russia.

2. Issues with NATO

Another reason for Russia’s war over Ukraine is the issues with NATO. Russia has long refused to join Ukraine in NATO. The Indonesian Ambassador to Russia, Jose Tavares, stated that Russia was worried that if NATO brought weapons to the Ukrainian border, Russia’s big cities could become easy targets. However, NATO is still open if Ukraine wants to join. On the other hand, Ukraine also wants to join NATO.

The Russian government has long supported separatist movements in ex-Soviet countries. In 2008, Russia also went to war with Georgia over this issue. Russia is known to support separatists in the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, triggering a strong reaction from Georgia. However, these two areas were successfully controlled by Russian influence, although they were not recognized by the world.

Previously, Russia also supported the separatists in Ukraine’s the Crimean Peninsula. And recently, Putin recognized the sovereignty of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Vladimir Putin also sent troops to the two areas, although the international community still recognizes the two areas as belonging to Ukraine, so Putin’s move automatically equates to bringing troops to Ukraine.

3. Putin’s action

A total number of 137 including Ukrainian civilians & military personnel were killed in the Russian attack which has also injured 316 others since Thursday 24 February. Russia’s military operation into Ukraine has become the largest single country attack against any other country in Europe since World War II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed why he went to war with Ukraine because of a request for help from leaders of separatist groups in eastern Ukraine. He said “In connection with that, I made the decision to conduct a special military operation. Its purpose is to protect people who were subjected to harassment and genocide from the Kiev regime for eight years”.

So these three appropriate reasons took a situation of war on Ukraine. Many were killed, died and harmed during the war. An Indian who was there for his studies was killed in the same. May his soul rest in peace.

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What is a Vacuum bomb?

The vacuum has a charge of two explosives at once. These explosives explode in succession, causing a domino effect that is more massive than one explosion at a time. The first explosive will release a cloud which is a type of fuel. These clouds will cover a wide radius and enter between buildings.

The second explosion is the cloud explosive lighter that had spread earlier. The ignited clouds turned into a huge fireball, producing a blast wave. The explosion can destroy buildings and kill humans in the blast radius.

Vacuum bomb

Why is it called a vacuum bomb?

When the explosion occurred, all the material is ejected out in a short time. The outward thrust empties the inside of the explosion, creating conditions of low pressure, or vacuum inside. So that it then sucks back the air around the explosion. This is the origin of the name ‘vacuum’ bomb.

Ukraine claims Russia is using Ukraine

Actually, the statement is unlikely false. Russia is not using Ukraine instead Russia had no reason to fight with Ukraine. The only responsible culprit is America and NATO. These two want to capture Ukraine and add it to NATO, which makes it easier to attack Russia ever in the future for America and the members of NATO. Thus the statement is false.

Ukraine vs Russian weapons list with defense system

Let’s first consider personnel, In Russia, its quantity is 8,50,000 while Ukraine has 2,50,000. Including airpower, Russia has 4,100 aircraft while Ukraine has 318. Russia including ground force assets has 12,500 tanks & 30,000 military vehicles while Ukraine contains only 2,600 & 12,000 respectively.

The defense system in Russia includes Pantsir S-1, S-200 (SA-5 Gammon), S-300, S-400 Triumf, S-500 Prometheus. Tor (SA-15 Gauntlet). So Russia has a vast collection of defense systems.

8,50,000Active Personnel2,50,000
30,000+Armoured vehicles12000
14000Artillery Guns3000+
600Naval Vessels38
70Submarines 0

While Ukraine does not contain any of these. As per reports we have found this much only stay tuned with our updates.

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Wrapping Up

So, we brought this article that had full study upon the war between Russia and Ukraine, why and how also we have compared the weapons list between Russia and Ukraine. Hope you’d like the article. Stay tuned for next.

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