Top 10 best rangoli designs YouTube channel 2024

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Best Rangoli designs videos on YouTube: So, we are at the last month of the Hindu calendar i.e. Falguna. And the most awaited very famous holy festival of Hindus is about to approach i.e. festival of colours – Holi. This year Holi is going to be celebrated on Mon, 25 Mar, 2024. On that day there will be the Purnima of the last month according to the Hindu calendar I e. Falguna. So there are vast preparations that had begun in Indian houses and markets. Many had a plan for their own preferences.

best rangoli designs
Best rangoli designs

Many Indians are preparing to make Rangoli and are concerned about the designs and patterns. So we are presenting 7 different patterns or designs via the way of YouTube videos that you can use to decorate your home on the occasion of Holi 2024. So let’s begin. Let’s give some definitions and related topics from Rangoli along with providing designs and videos.

What is a Rangoli?

Rangoli may be defined as a decorative multicolour pattern that is designed on any surface with any powder colour. Rangoli in Indian culture is usually designed during festivals. Especially on the occasion of Holi and Deewali are officially known as the holiest festivals of Hindus. Those are prescribed as the ‘festival of colour & ‘festival of lights’ respectively.

These designs can be the composition of design of any flower, animal, monument, pattern and many other similar categories. Thus one prefers to make rangoli, as it has various options to design.

Importance of Rangoli

Rangoli, as described in the upper paragraph, is a pattern of any material or object, since it looks so attractive that it can be used to welcome any guest, thus mythically it is said that Rangoli is the best idea to welcome God and especially the god of Hindus.

You might have noticed that Rangoli is always prepared on the floor forward the main door or main entrance of the house, as it is said mythically as a way to impress and welcome our God. It has been a complex part of Hindus for centuries. It had been widely familiar and now it is worldwide famous and followed by many other cultures too.

Rangoli as a science

In a way, Rangoli other than a mythical way is an art of colours. Science says it is an art that is done by colours. If we separate mythic for a while, Rangoli can also be seen as an art. Since if done so, it does not need to follow any culture, it can be proved as art and due to this, Rangoli is becoming widely popular rapidly.

Different Rangolis for different occasions

Most of our Indian culture follows making Rangoli only during Diwali and Holi, but the rest of it Rangoli can be made on many other occasions too but only the difference is that you have to choose the theme based on the same event or ceremony.

Simple Rangoli

It is a kind of pattern of Rangoli that is the best basic way to design it. We can not state it in words but you can visit the video below. This video is based on the most simple design that can ever be made. In this video, you have to use a ring that should be larger in size and after that, you need to spread the colour around the circle by distributing the approximate amount of colour around that ring after that use a cap to make it flat and give a design to it, and moreover, you can watch the video for the complete process.

Rangoli for any big celebration ‘in Hindi known as jashn’

During this occasion, you have to choose a different pattern such that it makes a combination of light colours and vibrant shades.

You can have a look at the video below

Rangoli of animals

Many people like to make Rangolis of animals and many of them like to make a peacock in their Rangoli and they seem so cool and advanced and one could not believe it a hand-made at first sight. Have a look at the Rangoli below

So we reviewed some trending types of Rangolis, other than that you can have a look at the videos below, we have hand-picked for you all by choosing some awesome patterns of Rangolis.

List of some Top YouTube channel that shares Rangoli videos


The channel at present has 2 million subscribers & the channel is maintained and run by a lady named Suneetha.


The channel PAKKA LOCAL on YouTube has a subscriber count of approx 1.7 million subscribers, they host Rangoli videos only.


The channel is run & managed by Radhika. She has 734K subscribers on her channel. She shares videos related to Rangoli.


This channel is also available on the YouTube in Top 5 in Rangoli searches. The channel owner had not shared his/her name but shared top-rated Rangoli and its designs. The channel has a subscriber count of 217K subscribers.


This channel has a subscriber count of 640K, with a massive collection of videos. The channel is managed by Bishwajit Naren Mandal.


The channel has already published 800 different Rangoli videos, you may go and choose any video. The channel has a subscriber count of 200K.


The channel has a subscriber base of 800K subscribers. The channel has already published 3000 videos, so this channel can be used for multiple designs, must go through it.

Different designs and patterns on Rangoli

Simple new rangoli/2022 Happy New Year rangoli

Latest Rangoli Designs For Festivals With Tricks

Mahashivratri special beautiful shivling rangoli design 2022

Simple Peacock Rangoli Design with Spoon 🥄 For Diwali🪔/Diwali Rangolis/Diwali Kolam/ Latest Rangoli🌈

Wrapping Up

So, this article was all about Rangoli and its myth. Also, we have stated different standards of Rangolis and the main motive to present this article before you is to share the 10 most awesome and cool Rangoli designs and make them through YouTube videos.

Hope everything in this article was enough and you liked it. So, stay tuned for our next article.

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