Sitecountry Review: Is Sitecountry Hosting Good or Bad?

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Sitecountry Review: Finding a web hosting service is essential in today’s digital age, which is why Sitecountry has entered the market to solve your concerns. Sitecountry is the greatest hosting service for hosting a website, an application, or a game.

It was founded with the idea of providing an easy-to-use hosting service with a high level of reliability, speed, security, and affordability for its consumers. Sitecountry provides resources for CPanel, CMS, and WordPress to millions of users all over the world.


sitecountry hosting
Sitecountry hosting


Sitecountry provides a variety of website hosting services, including WordPress developers and WooCommerce site owners. While Sitecountry is the cheapest web hosting service accessible, it does provide a number of advantages, like quick speeds, useful site-building tools, and excellent customer care.

Small companies and individuals just getting started with website building will appreciate its user-friendly platform, but it can also serve larger firms and corporations.

If you are confused and you don’t spend your precious money on a high-cost hosting service provider then I must say that you can start with this hosting platform because it provides great offers when you first time purchase that hosting.


Site Country Pros & Cons



  • Manageable sections and a simple control panel in the short user interface are very easy even a kid can understand.
  • Excellent technical support.
  • Good performance and speed.
  • 100% server availability
  • Flexible hosting plans to meet user requirements.
  • Budget-friendly packages and discounts are also available.



  • There aren’t enough dedicated servers.


SiteCountry Plans And Offers

Site Country Have their 3 affordable public cloud Plans for most beginners.

1. Seed

Price: 699.00 INR / Annually

  • Websites: 1
  • Storage : 10GB
  • RAM: 0.5GB
  • Email: 1
  • SSL: Free
  • Migration: Free
  • WordPress: One Click
  • Webservers: Litespeed


2. Sapling

Price: 1,188.00 INR / Annually

  • Websites : 3
  • Storage : 25GB
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Email: 3
  • SSL: Free
  • Migration: Free
  • WordPress: One Click
  • Webservers: Litespeed


3. Tree

Price: 1,999.00 INR / Annually

  • Websites: 5
  • Storage: 50GB
  • RAM: 1.5GB
  • Email: 10
  • SSL: Free
  • Migration: Free
  • WordPress: One Click
  • Webservers: Litespeed


sitecountry hosting

For beginners, I suggest you go with the seed plan if you have a static site. But, if you have Dynamic multiple WordPress websites we recommend you to choose Sapling or Tree plans, where you host your website at an affordable price and you don’t even spend your precious money on that. I suggest that you use a promo code which is TECHFORU20 to get a 20% discount on your purchase.



Why To Choose Sitecountry

With Sitecountry, you can get the best hosting for your websites, applications, or games while receiving excellent support. The reason for choosing this web hosting provider is because of the quality-price ratio, which means that the quantity of each service justifies the strong resources and offers.

Sitecountry Review: Is Sitecountry Hosting Good or Bad?


Is Sitecountry great for blogging?

Sitecountry hosting plans all provide high-quality offers and services. It is a good option for blogging and other kinds of websites because it offers 99% uptime and free backups on most of the plans. For your blogging website, we recommend you for using Sitecountry hosting because it provides a great discount for new users and you don’t need to spend a heavy amount on any other platform.


Features of Sitecountry


1. Easy To Use

When compared to other web hosting services, Sitecountry is relatively simple to use. If you’re wondering why it’s because the Control Panel includes huge icons that make it incredibly easy to find each symbol when you need it. This enables beginners to get their website up and operating quickly.

Sitecountry also provides an interface where you can locate everything you need in one place. All of the services and features are extremely handy and simple to use, allowing beginners to create a real and stunning website with Sitecountry.

It also allows you to install tools and programs with just one click.


2. Customer Support

This is the most useful feature for users. If you are a beginner, you should seek professional assistance in order to design your website without difficulty.

Sitecountry provides users with multilingual assistance. You can contact the support team if you are having technical difficulties. There are several ways to contact the support team, including live chat, phone calls, email tickets, and many others. So, if you’re on your own and want to establish a website, Sitecountry provides practically all of the services you’ll need to construct an outstanding and unique website.


3. Cheap Hosting

I should start with this point first Although there are restrictions in terms of some resources being regularly updated and expanding, Sitecountry offers affordable hosting options for small and medium projects. A company strategy is great for increased performance.


4. Email Tools

Many web hosting companies are re-offering email tools, which are quite crucial. they instantly have access to email accounts without having to pay any additional fees.

You may manage and access your account from any location. Email forwarding, spam assassin, auto-response, and protection are all available on Sitecountry platform. Furthermore, no other web hosting company provides these options.


5. SSL Certificate

In business strategies, Sitecountry provides free SSL certificates with a variety of benefits only for 1 year. A certificate of increased confidence and data security may be purchased for a few dollars or rupees more. The fact is that If you have an SSL certificate on your website. Your website will rank higher in the google search engine.

Keep in mind that a website without an SSL certificate is unsafe, unreliable, and subject to hacking or data theft.


Sitecountry is one of the top hosting services, standing out for its excellent service and low prices. It is regarded as one of the most significant tools for web development by users.

It may host websites, shops, and apps, and delivers speed, security, performance, and quality optimization. This is due to its extensive property list and comprehensive features, which make it a legitimate hosting competition.


My Opinion

Some of my sites are hosted with Sitecountry, and it took me less than 30 minutes to have them up and running. The Support Team and Staff are fantastic, responding to your questions and concerns practically immediately. I am really pleased with my decision to choose Sitecountry as my hosting provider.


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