Best travel bloggers in India 2024

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Best travel bloggers: Today blogging and vlogging had covered this entire world in such a way that people are engaging themselves and ever they have dreamed about it. It had become today’s top valuable and highly responsive way of entertainment. Today there are a number of people who bring top blogs and vlogs to various fields. One among those is the travel bloggers.

Best travel bloggers in India
Best travel bloggers in India

The travel bloggers usually bring us adventures and interesting journeys where they explain about a particular place. They describe the cost, way and view of the particular place. The bloggers usually share their experiences over the whole journey. Their posts are too much helpful and meaningful for those who had already planned for the same journey or the ones who will plan. They may have a nice point of view according to their blogs so you must know everything about travel bloggers.

Thus be with us and enjoy this post where we will explain the top 7 Indian bloggers highlighted in 2024.

India’s 7 best travel bloggers 2024

1. Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood is listed as India’s top bmtravel blogger. He usually explores new places and then describes them in his posts. He use to review the visit accordingly at every point that consist, plans, season, budget and transport. He is a top blogger and is considered to spread awareness for explorers and even those who want to make a trip to any place.

He often posts photos and pictures of places, different cultures and landscapes. The hobby of travelling with him was generated when he was just 9. And today he keeps posting rich blogs so he may help others.

Launch year2015
Social media link Instagram
CategoryPhotography, reviewing places


2. Shivya Nath

She is one of the popular travel bloggers. She is known for her weird but unique choice. She had left a high payable job to explore the world. She was just 23 and started her journey to travel. She usually travels to those places which have lesser visits or lesser explored by anyone.

She had travelled to most parts of the world and she is in fame for her unique idea of solo travelling. She often goes solo to travel and explore this world. She shares all the happenstance through her blogs and aware us of every necessary step we should take.


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BlogThe shooting star
Launch year2011
Social media linkInstagram
CategoryTravel Tips, Stories, and Destination Guide


3. Ami Bhat

In the world of travel bloggers, how could one forget Amit Bhat? A strong female to make much of the risky travel alone. She usually visits the places like mountains, beaches and terrains. She by profession is a photographer too and captures fantastic pictures of nature and its aspects.

She had started her journey of travelling from her family when very firstly she visited Thailand. She is an expert blogger who never fails to satisfy visitors. She explains everything in detail and reading her posts is like visiting any place in a dream, so just you can search her on Google and visit her site instantly.


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BlogThe thrilling travel
Launch year2015
Social media linkInstagram
CategoryTravel Themes and Continents


4. Umang Trivedi

Umang is too India’s top travel blogger. He carries out well everything in his posts and shares each and every step and aspect of his journey. We can summarise any journey after visiting his blogs and those who want to visit the same place can get the best breakthrough through his post.

He travelled to famous and dangerous places like Stok Kangri and Rupin Pass. He too found interest in exploring remote corners of this world and then reviewing them. He likes to visit places like mountains and peaks and coasts.


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Launch year2011
Social media linkInstagram
CategoryMountaineers and unique places


5. Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh is considered to be the most experienced traveller and blogger. In the world of travel and blogs, most people like reviews by Abhinav Singh. He has travelled more than 200 times making it a huge record because his travels are always far away from his residence. He started his journey to explore the world in 2010 when he visited Chennai and Pondicherry.

He likes freedom and enjoys it, he usually makes travels and reviews his journey through rich posts. Most of the majority who are interested in travelling like to read his post. So one of the raised pictures in the world of a travel blogger is Abhinav Singh.

BlogA soul window
Launch year2011
Social media linkInstagram
CategoryAdventure, Trekking, Rural Tourism, Spiritual/Wildlife/Eco-Tourism.


6. Indrani Ghose

Indrani Ghose is also much popular in terms of travelling and blogging. She had thought about exploring this world since she was an ex – Indian Air Force employee. She decided then to travel around the globe. She is resumed making her journeys and all of her experience and knowledge can be specified in her blogs.

She had travelled to more than 21 countries and visited 250 above cities worldwide. She is so much popular and people like reading her posts.

7. Swati and Sam

This duo went through many travels and explorations. They both are software engineers and make every trip with each other. They like to travel in the luxury segment always and so those who want A class experience should visit their posts.

They are an inspirational duo and people like to represent themselves as a couple but there is a bit of time for it. They both travel with ease to many international points and India’s corners. They elaborate their experience perfectly and reviews of the places are quite interesting.

BlogThe tales of the traveller
Launch year2013
Social media linkInstagram
CategoryAdventure, visiting famous places, photography

Wrapping Up

So friends, in this post today we have described the top 7 travel bloggers from India, who makes their trips and review them through texts. You may visit to their post anytime and get an idea of travelling and exploring. We wish it would be a useful post for you all, please be with us for more upcoming updates.

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