Create Bitcoin Faucet Website For Free | Unlimited Crypto Currency Earning Site

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How to create a faucet website: In this article, you will learn how to create a Bitcoin Faucet Website For Free. Faucet websites are popular day by day as the acceptance of CryptoCurrency is globally increasing.

Over the internet, you can find a lot of cryptocurrency-earning websites that make money by giving some rewards to the users.

Create Bitcoin Faucet Website For Free
Create Bitcoin Faucet Website For Free


How does a Bitcoin/ Dogecoin Faucet Website Earn?

They earn by just showing some banner ads as well as pop ads and also by URL shortener integration.

Why do users come on a Bitcoin/ Dogecoin Faucet Website?

The answer is simple. Users come on a Bitcoin/ Dogecoin Faucet Website to earn crypto as well.

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Steps to make Bitcoin Faucet Website For Free

Here is the complete step-by-step guide to creating a faucet website absolutely free. So, follow the given below steps properly.

Step 1: Download the Bitcoin Faucet script given below.


Step 2: Buy a domain name and hosting. You can buy it from Namecheap at a very cheap price.

Step 3: Now go to the file manager of your hosting account.

Step 4: Now Click on public_html and upload the script to this location.

Step 5: The script is in Zip File. So, Exact it or move it to the public_html folder.

Step 6: Now, you need to create a Database, and for that go to MySQL Database.

Step 7: Fill in all the details and click on create to create a new database.

Step 8: Now, again go to the public_html folder and click on config.php and open it.

Step 9: Put the database name, username, and password here in the right place.

Step 10: Then save it up.

Step 11: Now your website is almost ready. Open your domain name (Example:

Step 12: Open the admin panel by just going to

Step 13: Do some important settings here by watching the video tutorials given below and place your ads on the ads sections.

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For further information watch the full Hindi tutorial given below



In this video, I will show you how to create a bitcoin faucet website for free. Here, I will cover a to z installation process. So, watch this video till the end.

Time Stamp:
00:00 Intro
00:20 How to earn from faucet website
02:20 Basic requirement (How to get free script)
03:06 How to Install Script
08:57 Website First Look
09:24 How to login Admin Panel
09:50 Admin Panel Important setup
15:00 How to set up ads
16:18 Final website look
17:00 Conclusions


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