How to get Free Fire V-Badge in 2023?

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V-Badge in Garena Free Fire: Every newcomer to Garena Free Fire might be surprised by the attractive V-badges on the avatar and the profile of their favorite content creators who are popular free-fire players. Those who have been active players during the last year would know that this is not given to every user.

Free Fire V-Badge:

Players who participate in the Free Fire Partner Program get a variety of benefits, including the V-Badge. These include in-game rewards, custom rooms, diamonds, advanced access to new content, the opportunity to be featured on Free Fire’s social media platforms, and access to the Free Fire Observer client.

In Free Fire, you must have seen V badges with many players. This badge is awarded to players who are part of Free Fire’s partner program. If you also want this badge, then you also have to participate in this program. Here you will get many more benefits along with this badge, which we will talk about later. Let us first know what this program is and how you can participate to get the V-Badge.

Many YouTubers stream the gameplay of Free Fire on their channel and earn popularity as well as money. To promote the streaming of Free Fire, the game developers have created a partner program that will reward streamers as well as supporters.

Members of this program get a V-Badge, which informs the rest of the players that the player in front is a member of their partner program.

Who will get entry in Free Fire Partner Program and V-Badge

Not everyone can enter the Free Fire Partner Program. The game has set certain terms and conditions for entry. If you fulfill these terms then you can apply for a ‘V’ badge in the free fire. But the application will not mean that you will get entry. Free Fire will decide which creators to enter and who does not. Let’s know the minimum qualification of this partner program:

  • You must have more than 1 lakh subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • You have to fulfill the criteria that in the past 30 days you have 80% of contents based on free fire.
  • You must have 3 lakh views on your channel in the last 30 days
  • Content should be engaging, clean and non-offensive
  • Non-aggressive and clean ingredients as well as consistent quality
  • Players need to be ready to work hard


Who will get entry in Partner Program and V-Badge
Who will get entry in Partner Program and V-Badge


This clearly states its rarity. There is no other way the only way for users to get it is to become a member of the Partner Program, which has serious eligibility conditions.


How to Apply for Free Fire V-Badge

If you meet the qualifications listed above, you can register for the Free Fire Partner Program.

Step 1: For this, you must first go to the website of the Free Fire Partner Program (

Step 2: After that, fill out the form present here and submit it.  In this form, you will be asked your ID (Aadhaar, PAN), phone number, name, YouTube channel, and other things.

V badge code copy: [b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0000]

However, the meet-up of all the requirements does not confirm a slot for you in this partner program. Due to the limited number of slots available, only the best among all the requested candidates will be allowed after following the internal screening process.

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What benefits do Free Fire Partner Program members get?

Players who participate in the Free Fire Partner Program receive various benefits. These include in-game rewards, custom rooms, diamonds, and advanced access to new content. The opportunity to be featured on Free Fire’s social media platform, and access to the Free Fire.

Observer client, in-game codes and giveaways for fans, free Fire team features, and more. Also includes invitations to chat, tournaments and e-sports events, and exclusive merchandise. Along with this, the channel which has more than 5 million subscribers and 95% of the content of their channel is related to Free Fire, the game will also give financial compensation to them.

  • Financial compensation if the channel has 5,00,000 subscribers and 95% of the content is around sports
  • Communication with the official team
  • Invited to tournaments and events
  • Special merchandise and more
NOTE – It is worth noting that the applications for the partner program are now closed. However, users can apply through the official website on its re-opening.
Official WebsiteClick Here
Download Free Fire Latest UpdateClick Here
TECH FOR U HomeClick Here


Wrapping Up

In today’s we have stated certain verified measures by which one could have a ‘V’ Badge in his/her free fire identity that looks awesome. So by following the steps you could easily join the free fire partner program and be eligible for the ‘V’ Badge to your account or free fire ID.

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