7 Best Food Bloggers in India 2023

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Food Bloggers in India: Blogging is a field where you need to express your knowledge, views and interest.

There are various choices that offer you, your interest and knowledge. Among them, one of the easiest but most consistent types of blog is food blogging. Those who spread their blogs with us make our day. We often make searches for different recipes and food items or any reviews for market items.

In order of doing so, we probably miss the exact person via which we can get accurate knowledge and experience, so in this post, we will describe the 7 Best Indian Food Bloggers.


Best Food Bloggers in India
Best Food Bloggers in India


Who are food bloggers?

As you know those who share and publish their own posts are bloggers. They share those posts usually via their sites and channels.

When somebody shares posts related to food is knowns as ‘food blogging’ and the person who posts that particular post is called a food blogger. So in India, there are many peoples and so many traditions. Every tradition has its different types of food and ideas so we may say that India has multiple items in food to be discussed. Hence we have brought you an article about the 7 best Indian food bloggers.

List of Top Food Bloggers in India

1. Archana Joshi

In the world of food blogging, she is considered to have an experienced walk through this kind of blogging. She started her career writing Blog posts in 2007. At starting she usually shared her blogs that showed her family tracks and simple recipes. Today, her blog is known over the world and today her blogs are loved widely.

She obviously shares recipes but in this field, she had analyzed this world nicely and works according to it that what people like and so on that particular choice, she writes her posts where she shares ideas, new creations, recipes, and reviews, and also she has an e-commerce site where she sells her prepared items.

2. Uma Raghuraman

She is not only a blogger, almost she had won many awards and medals in the field of cooking and food. She is famous as MasterChef Mom. She is so an experienced person that all of her posts are advised by most of the food bloggers and those who are related to these fields.

She shares stunning recipes and shares her creative ideas that are useful in decorating food and even cooking them. Although she is a prominent figure in the field of a food blogger.

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3. Deeba Rajpal

She is also one of the top Indian food bloggers. She is not known for her recipes because she is a little different and is known for some of her unique posts. She by profession is a good blogger but she usually shares pictures while she makes her travels. For food blogging, she is known for food styling and decorating. She likes baking and shares the ways and recipes of baking.

She is popular for sharing her posts with people where she works on the development and cooking of baking items. She usually adds a recipe that must include fruits and desserts. So she is claimed to be a sweet tooth food blogger.

4. Nandita Iyer

A blogger from South India who has exact knowledge of what most kinds of people look for. She had been in this blogging field for a long time. She probably is a blogger when more than 60% of the majority were unaware of it. She was having a nice job which she quit for full-time blogging.

She followed most of the part globally. Not only in India but people from other countries also follow her and live her posts.

5. Padhu Sankar

Padhu is a famous chef and web designer. When he knew that he is quiet enough to be a chef and although he was a web designer, he merged both his profession and now he had a personalized website where he posts his blogs related to food.

He shares recipes, food photography, decorations, and traditional process for food making too. He is enough popular and he deserves this. He posts only vegetarian recipes who are a primary choice of Indians.

6. Mallika Basu

Mallika Basu is an author but she is an experienced individual who knows everything about food and blogging. She is now an international cook and had represented India at various levels. She once said that she was having no interest in cooking and blogging but when she visited England for her UG course, she got interested in cooking and blogging and as now she is one of the topmost food bloggers from India.

7. Richa Hingle

How could one forget Richa? She is well experienced and verified individual. She had also been awarded so many awards and Medals. She prefers to share healthy food ideas so that people who do like her recipes can eat. Many peoples follow her posts and encourage her for her work.

Her cooking style remains always different but unique from others and her priority is to share recipes and ways that should contain organic ingredients. She is a qualified cook and most popular in the world of food blogging.

Wrapping Up

So friends, in this post today we have explained 7 different people who are prominent in food blogging. We have stated some highlights and their blog address (website). You can visit them anytime. So we hope you did like today’s post. Please stay tuned for more interesting updates.

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